How Facebook powers money machines for obscure political ‘news’ sites

From Macedonia to the San Francisco Bay, clickbait political sites are cashing in on Trumpmania and theyre getting a big boost from Facebook Donald Trump may be struggling to capture a majority of voters in the heartland of America, but there is one eastern European precinct he would likely carry in a landslide if only […]

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‘Wholesome memes’: could they mean more good times, online?

The new frontier of digital culture is about self-respect, hard work and healthy relationships but does it go against the spirit of the internet? The internet can be a cold, dark place. Its survival of the snarkiest or the most favourited, with the culture falling between that of an angry mob and a popularity contest. […]

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Facebook v Adblock: the anti-ad empire strikes back

Facebook thought it had thwarted ad-blockers on its network. Facebook was wrong Two days ago, Facebook announced it had implemented changes to its site a blog post dated 9 August, Facebook vice-president Andrew Bosworth announced that ad blockers would no longer make sponsored posts disappear on desktop and laptop computers. However, in an apparently magnanimous […]

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Cat people are single, dog people are popular (according to Facebook)

Data scientists at Facebook have sampled 160,000 users and confirmed some long-held stereotypes about cat people versus dog people Montagues and Capulets. Edison and Tesla. Bloods and Crips. Among historys greatest rivalries none has been so fierce as that between cat people and dog people. In honor of International Cat Day, Facebook researchers examined the […]

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Facebook to change trending topics after investigation into bias claims

Internal report finds virtually identical rates of conservative and liberal topics, but guidelines updated to exclude possibility of improper actions Facebook has denied allegations that the team responsible for its trending topics section deliberately suppressed conservative views but says it will improve the feature. Allegations have been made anonymously that the team responsible for choosing […]

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Facebook execs, conservatives address ‘issue of trust’ with trending topics

Conservative commentators had a wide-ranging discussion with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebooks headquarters after accusations of political bias. Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday held a wide-ranging discussion with a group of conservative commentators who said afterward the Facebook CEO acknowledged the giant social network has a

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Zuckerberg invites top conservatives to talk and denies Facebook bias

As Facebook battles a report accusing it of suppressing conservative news, CEO says he plans to invite leading conservatives … to share their point of view Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he plans to invite leading conservatives and people from across the political spectrum to talk with him about accusations of political bias […]

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Shame on you: six new things to feel guilty about | Brigid Delaney

Theres probably a German word for enjoying an autumn swim thanks to global warming, but since I am Catholic the only word I can think of is guilt Yippee! Ive said every day Ive woken up this week, looked out the window and seen that today is yet another beach day when we should be […]

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