Cold Showers: The Seven Surprising Health Benefits Everyone Should Know

I think it’s safe to say that most of us associate cold showers with extreme discomfort and stress. We’ve all experienced the bone-chilling jolt of icy cold water spilling down our back at one time or another, usually as a result of the hot water running out or someone accidentally flushing the toilet. Our bodies […]

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Beer And Its Eight Unexpected Health Benefits

We have all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But has anyone ever mentioned that abeerjust might do the same thing? There are many reasons to expect that alcohol is bad for our health. Not only can it lead to alcoholism, but large quantities can have a truly negative effect […]

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The Surprising Benefits Of Baths Will Make You Want To Draw One Tonight

I think that almost anyone can agree, taking a long, hot bubble bath can make even the most stressful day melt away. Between the bubbles, the amazingscented soaps the deliciously hot water, and the soothing steam, its essentially like giving yourself a micro spa treatment. Everyone enjoys baths a little bit differently, some people load […]

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Awaken Your Psychic Abilities With Eight Easy Exercises

When it comes to exercising, I tend to think of it as it applies to my physical body going for a run, stretching, lifting weights, etc. But there are actually a surprising number of ways that I can exercise my mind, as well. And for those out there who believe in the mind’s ability to […]

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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog

It’s no secret that dogs are great. If you’ve ever owned a dog, or even just been friendly with the dogs in your neighborhood, then you know this to be true. They’re happy, loving, little bundles of joy who can make even the worst day seem a little bit brighter with their enthusiasm and boundless […]

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Cataracts: How To Identify And Prevent This Common Eye Condition

Our eyes can get us through anything. They withstand sun, snow, rain, and debris to make sure that we can see clearly. If you have amazing vision, it can definitely make you feel unstoppable in the eye department. But without our knowing, our vision can go through gradual but significant changes due to aging and […]

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Old American Quilts Held A Secret Code That Led Thousands To Freedom

America’s history is fascinating, but it also has some deeply painful parts. One of the worst is the period of American slavery, when millions of African-Americans were enslaved and forced to live and work under brutal, dehumanizing conditions. The institutionstarted before the American Revolution, and wasn’t abolished until 1863. During this time, men, women, and […]

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Games To Play With Your Dogs To Improve Their Health

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to always look out forour pups’ health. And as long as we keep them healthy and happy, they will provide us with an unending supply of love and appreciation. Most of us know to be on the lookout for signs that something may be wrong with our canines, […]

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Watermelon: Nine Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating A Slice Every Day

The arrival of summer every year also marks the arrival of one of my absolute favorite foods: the watermelon. No summer barbecue is complete without slices of this juicy and delicious melon to pass around. But in all my years of eatingwatermelon, I had no idea that it was actually benefiting my health at the […]

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Your Gelato Can Be Served With A Silly Face At This Barcelona Creamery

There is nothing better than enjoying dessert all to yourself unless of course, you’re enjoying dessert with a friend! But if you’re planning on eating alone, perhaps you should stroll on over to Eyescream and Friends, a creamery in Barcelona, Spain, where each dessert comes with a pair of sugar candy googly-eyes! They take real […]

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