Lima’s time bomb: how mudslides threaten the world’s great ‘self-built’ city

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Evangelina Chamorro became a symbol of hope after she survived being swept two miles in a mudslide but her story reveals the citys shaky foundations The extraordinary video of a Peruvian woman coated in mud emerging from a brown sea of pallets and wooden poles was viewed around the world. Evangelina Chamorro, who had been […]


Pedal-ins and car burials: what happened to America’s forgotten 1970s cycle boom?

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Bicycle madness once saw US bike sales outstrip cars, and spawned ambitious plans for 100,000 miles of cycle paths. Then the music stopped The bicycles biggest wave of popularity in its 154-year history, gushed Time magazine in 1970 at the start of Americas five-year love affair with the bike. Some 64 million fellow travellers are […]


Demand for elephant skin, trunk and penis drives rapid rise in poaching in Myanmar

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A growth in demand for elephant parts to be used in traditional medicine in Asia means the number of elephants being killed in Myanmar is rising Case files and laminated photos of poachers spill out of captain Than Naings folder. As the chief of police in Okekan township, one of Myanmars recent poaching hotspots, he […]


Michael Bloomberg: US states and businesses will still meet Paris targets

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Former New York mayor, now UN cities and climate ambassador, says Trump may have withdrawn from Paris accord but American people havent The United States will meet its Paris accord greenhouse gas targets despite Donald Trumps withdrawal from the agreement, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has said. A decision by the Kyoto Protocol, because […]


Shortsighted, wrong: Apple, Facebook among tech giants to reject Paris pullout

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In separate messages, the biggest companies in America express concern at Donald Trumps Paris accord decision The heads of some of the largest and most influential American technology companies expressed their deep disappointment at Donald Trumps decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate accord. In separate statements and messages on social media, leaders […]