Canada offers places for addicts to shoot up safely. Can the US copy the model?

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North Americas first supervised injection clinic opened in Vancouver in 2003, and now several US cities are hoping to emulate its success in saving lives Whenever Dean Wilson walks people through Vancouvers Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, he leads them past an unassuming glass door on Hastings Street before stopping at a community garden. Its here that […]


I fear skunk has claimed our son but his siblings come to the rescue

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He leaves the house without telling me where hes going and stays out all night, but his elder siblings are being vigilant Our house is filled with tattooed and pierced twentysomethings. Guitars are propped against walls. There is loud piano-playing. But none of the children is living the rocknroll lifestyle. Megan is teetotal, preferring herbal […]


Ketamine could help thousands with severe depression, doctors say

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Psychiatrists hail benefits of transformational drug, and call for more trials to explore its potential Thousands of people with severe depression could obtain urgent relief if experimental treatment using ketamine were made more widely available, medical experts say. The drug has been championed by doctors and psychiatrists as a potentially life-changing treatment for those with […]


Long-lasting pill that releases drugs for two weeks a ‘game-changer’

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Pioneering slow-release pill could end repeat doses and help Alzheimers patients and mass treatment campaigns A pill that releases its medicine for two weeks after being swallowed is being hailed as a potential game-changer in drug treatment. In future, similar forms of longterm oral drug delivery could put an end to regimens requiring numerous repeat […]