Donald J. Trump


Ron Perlman Takes No Prisoners: Trump Is a Cardboard Cutout Piece of Shitfuck

Dont get on Perlmans entertaining Twitter feed, which is filled with pithy comments and retweets about the reality TV host-turned-president, as well as response was, Similarly I never stuck it only half in, and I never put the checks I wrote him in the male [sic]. And when another Twitter user questioned if a regular […]

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SNL: Robert De Niros Robert Mueller Interrogates Ben Stillers Michael Cohen

In lieu of Trumps lawyer Michael Cohen came face to face with none other than Robert De Niro as Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Can you believe what theyre doing to poor Mr. Trump? Stillers Cohen asked Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence when he entered the scene. Its a disgrace! This whole raid was a complete […]

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SNL: Alec Baldwins Trump Admits I Dont Care About America

This weeks Saturday Night Live opened with a special news alert from President Donald Trumps Ultimately, SNLs Trump took more questions than the actual president did at his caravan of immigrants heading towards the U.S. for the plot of Max Max: Fury Road. Here is the thing that no one else is saying and Im […]

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Judge Hands Defeat to Trump and Cohen Over FBI Raid: Youve Miscited the Law

President Donald Trump and his longtime attorney Michael Cohen both lost a court challenge related to the FBIs seizure of Cohens documents they both claim are protected by attorney-client privilege. Cohen had asked a federal judge for The materials seized by FBI agents from Cohens home, office, safety deposit box, and hotel room includes documents […]

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Roseanne Roseanne Keeps Promoting QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory That Makes Pizzagate Look Tame

On Friday night, the Trump-supporting actress had secretly been taken out and swapped with an imposter as part of a massive deep state conspiracy. Roseanne, Barrs 1990s show about a blue-collar Illinois family, spent 21 years off air before returning Tuesday to a massive viewership of more than 18 million. Trump called Barr to congratulate […]

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The Problem Isnt Just Trump. Its Our Ignorant Electorate.

For many of us, mornings have taken on a certain nauseating sameness. We roll out from beneath the blankets and, before the scent of coffee has reached our nostrils, we are checking the news feeds for the latest semi-literate tweet coughed up by the ranting, traitorous squatter occupying the Oval Office. The rest of the […]

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The Right Can’t Fight the Future

It seems axiomatic that the past and the future cannot exist at the same time. Thanks to the space-time continuum, people from different centuries cannot live simultaneously. The same goes for a nation, which cannot survive pulling toward the future and toward the past at once. The United States is at a fulcrum. We are […]

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Trump Suddenly Doesnt Want Credit for Economy, Blames Media for Stock-Market Drop

Since he was elected in 2016, Donald Trump has tweeted more than 60 times about how great the stock market has performed under his leadership. The world was gloomy before I wonthere was no hope, Trump tweeted a month before he was sworn in as president. Now the market is up nearly 10% and Christmas […]

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A Presidents Day Without a Real President

Monday is Presidents Day. It will be the second consecutive such holiday without an American president. Sure, Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office, when hes not golfing. He lives in the White House, at least in theory with his family. But he is not the president of the United States. When Trump addressed the […]

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John Oliver Praises Parkland Shooting Survivors for Taking on the Gun Lobby

Yes, the desk of Last Week Tonight for its fifth season premiere. He began by addressing the heartbreaking events of Parkland, Florida, wherein like Tomi Lahren and gun lobby flunkies like President Trump, who somehow managed to partied at a Mar-a-Lago disco bash mere hours after visiting wounded survivors of the Parkland shootingwill participate in […]

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