Donald J. Trump


This July 4th Had Everything: Tanks, Trumpand Scandal

After two years of trying, President Donald Trump finally got the military pageantry he has so desperately wanted. The annual Fourth of July celebration in Washington, DCa parade, concert, and fireworksfeatured tanks, fighter planes and Trump himself. It was called A Salute to America, but it looked more like a salute to Trump, who made […]

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Trump Will Brush Off E. Jean Carrolls Assault Allegation but Women Will Remember

The last line of advice columnist E. Jean Carrolls story of sexual assault hits like a ton of bricks. And whether its my age, the fact that I havent met anyone fascinating enough over the past couple of decades to feel the sap rising, as Tom Wolfe put it, or if its the blot of […]

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Letterman: Bonehead Trump Used to Be Able to Take a Joke

Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, David Letterman said when he walked out onto the stage of The View on Friday morning. Im very excited, this is nice. I love being on TV! The former host of the Late Showand current host of dramatically inflate his net worth, Letterman said, There he seemed like […]

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Dems Accuse Trump of Concocting Standoff With Mexico

President Donald Trump insisted Saturday that people were very excited about the Reuters the deal would fix the immigration issue. After preventing tariffs of 5 percent from taking effect with the agreement late Friday, the Trump administration has heralded the deal as a hard-fought victory in the battle against immigration, presenting one of the major […]

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Bill Maher Urges Melania Trump to Leave Donald for a Mexican

Melania Trump must do what dozens of buildings around the world have done and take the Trump name off, argued his Real Time show Friday night to the first lady, who he claimed is the only one who can succeed where Robert Mueller, Hillary Clinton, and legions of Never-Trumpers have failed: in ridding the world […]

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Trump Taps Kevin McAleenan As New Mr. Fix-It for Border Crisis

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned from her position on Sunday evening, after serving 16 turbulent months as the nations top national security official and the president's punching bag on border security. Nielsens immediate departure comes only two days after President Donald Trump announced that he was withdrawing the nomination of Ronald D. Vitiello to […]

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Trump Pushes Team to Stick Up for Brave Paul Manafort

47 months he was given last week for fraud. Manaforts ever ballooning legal perils over the past two years have produced one potentially advantageous condition for him: the increasing sympathies of the man who possesses the power to pardon him. It wasnt long ago that Trump saw and berated Manafort as a nuisance and another […]

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Kim Jong Uns Getting Ready to Test Missilesand Trump

Im not in a rush. I dont want to rush anybody, President Donald Trump said as he got ready to meet North Koreas Kim Jong Un in Hanoi. Complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization had been the goal. But for now, I just dont want testing, Trump said. As long as theres no testing, were happy. Kim […]

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Kellyanne Conway: Adam Schiff, You Ought to Resign Today

probe by demanding Democratic resignations. On Fox & Friends, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway findings detailed in a Sunday summary issued by Attorney General William Barr. He has been on every TV show 50 times a day for practically the last two years promising Americans that the president would be impeached or indicted. In four-page […]

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Seth Rogen and Charlize Therons Long Shot Is the First Great Trump-Era Rom-Com

AUSTIN, TexasWith the demand louder than ever for movies and pop culture to reflect and comment on The World We Live In, perhaps it was inevitable that wed arrive at a studio romantic comedy that begins with Charlize Theron in Long Shot, the rom-com that is somehow insufferably traditional and clichd while simultaneously inventive and […]

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