Donald J. Trump


Trump Wants You to Know Hes Smart Enough to Do Quid Pro Quo

As Donald Trump gets dragged deeper, and launched a novel defense of Trump, who Democratic lawmakers allegeas Capitol Hill testimony from senior administration officials investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a top political rival of Trumps, in exchange for military aid that was being held up. The newspapers esteemed board Mr. [Bill] Taylor says in […]

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Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo Writing New Book Titled Putin Won

Trump-Russia investigations, has inked a deal to author a new book provocatively titled, Putin Won, The Daily Beast has learned. The book doesnt appear to primarily focus on profusely praising or declaring fealty to President Donald Trump, as has been the case with many non-fiction works by other Trump associates such as Jeanine Pirro, Sean […]

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Conservatives Are Convincing Themselves That Clinton Will Run Again

As Donald Trumps Ukraine troubles mount and polls show him lagging behind the leading Democratic presidential contenders, the president and his allies are dreaming up a 2020 scenario in which they surely cant lose. Hillary Clinton, theyve collectively wished, could very well launch another White House bid. I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter […]

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If Trumps Rage Brings Civil War, Where Will the Military Stand?

Earlier this week Donald Trump, commander in chief of the U.S. armed forces, tweeted that his impeachment will cause a Civil War from which the country might never recover. Picking up on remarks made by an evangelical pastor on Fox News, Trump did not just say his removal would lead to a huge electoral defeat […]

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Trump Blesses Rudy Giuliani as His One-Man War Room

Donald Trump has emphatically told his aides that he does not need a White House impeachment inquiry.Trump has also asked them to keep him posted when they will appearon television shows and conservative media, according to two people with knowledge of the conversations. As for Giuliani, the president sees the former New York City mayor […]

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Impeachment Splits the Crowd in a Democrats Purple District

ALLENTOWN, PennsylvaniaThe people of Pennsylvanias 7th District showed up to their regular appointment with their representative in Congress, Susan Wild, with a few grievances about the winning her seat in Congress in 2018, stood onstage and calmly swatted down both lines of inquiry. Adam Schiff is not a judge, she told the woman, whose question […]

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Trump Finally Retreats. Is His Franchise Losing Its Steam?

President Donald Trump, famed reality TV star, interrupted our regularly scheduled programming this week for a screening of his racist political thriller. It's about a quartet of congresswomen of color, known as the Squad, who Trump decided to run against for reelection as opposed to running against anyone among the 20 actual Democratic candidates. On […]

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Trumps Social Media Summit Mortifies White House, Enrages Far-Right Allies

Donald Trump has invited personalities from across the right-wing internet to the White House on Thursday for a Social Media Summit, but the event is causing his administration headaches even before it begins. So far, the summit has stirred up resentments among pro-Trump personalities who were never invited to the party, and one invitee has […]

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Sam Bee Torches Meghan McCain for Doubting Trump Rape Story

While most Americans were watching the latest sexual assault allegation against President Donald Trump. Thank you for tuning in to my show instead of watching the Democratic debate and getting swept away by John Delaney fever, the Full Frontal host joked. Now, with a looming war with Iran to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at the […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Trump Over Strip Club Event: Can You Imagine If Barack Obama Did This?

On Wednesday night, calling for boycotts of various products, companies and even entire countries, from Apple and Mexico to his tens of tweets urging a boycott of Macys after they severed business ties with him in June 2015 following his racist presidential announcement speech about Mexicans. After exposing the presidents hypocrisy, Kimmel continued on to […]

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