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‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

The Google, Apple and Facebook workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the internet. Paul Lewis reports on the Silicon Valley refuseniks who worry the race for human attention has created a world of perpetual distraction that could ultimately end in disaster Justin Rosenstein had tweaked his laptops operating system to […]

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why do men suffer depression in silence?

When Kevin Braddock hit rockbottom, he had every intention of killing himself. He recounts what happened next and reveals why so few men ask for help It was a Monday when TV Tower: the gun, the noose, the blade, the pills, the bottle. The gun, the noose the mantra that would not stop. Since the […]

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How Facebook groups bring people closer together neo-Nazis included

Mark Zuckerbergs new mission is to bring the world closer together. But Facebook groups can unite extremists as easily as they serve hobbyists Ricky Caya was looking for something. A 43-year-old postal service worker and father of two in Quebec, he felt unsettled and unconnected. The great social movements of the 1960s, the American civil […]

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Apparently my smartphone is telling everyone exactly where I am right now. Should I care?

Snapchats new virtual map, showing users each others locations in unnerving detail, has prompted concerns about privacy. But didnt we give that up long ago? So, er can you tell where I am right now? You dont have to be on image-sharing app Snapchat to have heard about plummeting value, and Facebooks unabashed cannibalisation of […]

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Bangladeshi girls being trained how to avoid online predators

With an alarming rise in cybercrimes, often including blackmail, police offer workshops for thousands of teenagers What their attackers bet on is shame: in a conservative society, the horror of an intimate photo leaking, or rumours being spread, is enough to buy a teenage girls silence. We didnt even know anyone could harm us through […]

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Facebook struggles with ‘mission impossible’ to stop online extremism

Social media giant faces criticism for doing too little to prevent extremist content as terrorists find ways of bypassing its rules Facebook moderators identified more than 1,300 posts on the site as credible terrorist threats in a single month and face a mission impossible to control the amount of content proliferated by extremists, according to […]

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How Facebook flouts Holocaust denial laws except where it fears being sued

Leaked guidelines for moderators also reveal refugees are not protected by hate speech rules because they are a hot topic Facebooks policies on Holocaust denial will come under fresh scrutiny following the leak of documents that show moderators are being told not to remove this content in most of the countries where it is illegal. […]

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I sent a compromising message to the wrong person. How will I ever recover?

The realisation you misdirected a sensitive message is among the worst feelings technology can induce. Have faith one day it will be a great anecdote I accidentally sent a compromising message to the worst person possible!!! HELP ME. Everyone has made this mistake even the Greatest of All Time. Serena Williams pregnancy announcement on Snapchat […]

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Singapore teen blogger who criticised government wins asylum in US

Amos Yee left the city state with the intention of staying in US after being jailed for several weeks in 2015 and 2016 A

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Snapchat goes public at $29bn and makes co-founders tech billionaires

Snap Incs IPO pushes Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphys company ahead of Twitter and potentially creates a serious rival for Facebook Snap Inc, the company behind disappearing messaging app Snapchat, has gone public with stocks soaring 44% on their first day of trading and valuing the company at $28bn. The market debut of the loss-making […]

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