Watermelon: Nine Surprising Health Benefits Of Eating A Slice Every Day

The arrival of summer every year also marks the arrival of one of my absolute favorite foods: the watermelon. No summer barbecue is complete without slices of this juicy and delicious melon to pass around. But in all my years of eatingwatermelon, I had no idea that it was actually benefiting my health at the […]

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Your Gelato Can Be Served With A Silly Face At This Barcelona Creamery

There is nothing better than enjoying dessert all to yourself unless of course, you’re enjoying dessert with a friend! But if you’re planning on eating alone, perhaps you should stroll on over to Eyescream and Friends, a creamery in Barcelona, Spain, where each dessert comes with a pair of sugar candy googly-eyes! They take real […]

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A 3D Printer Can Now Make Delicious Pizza In Minutes Flat

Pizza is one of my most absolute favorite food items. It’s doughy and cheesy and, as an Italian, it’s a sin NOT to love it! I love the old-school pizzerias that have the man behind the counter, kneading the dough and spinning it on his hands to create the pizza shape. But what if there […]

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Learn How To Make An Easy Smash Cake For Your Baby With This Tutorial

When we see cake, we don’t just see sweet deliciousness, we also pay attention to how it looks. Presentation counts; after all, you eat with your eyes before you get to feast with your mouth! It’s the sight of the smooth icing, thick cream, and moist cakethat also really makes the stomach growl. Babies probably […]

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This Ice Cream That Looks And Tastes Like Real Popcorn Will Blow Your Mind

When I heard about this next video, I’ll admit I was skeptical. It LOOKS just like popcorn. It TASTES just like popcorn. But it’s… ice cream?! I’ve tried plenty of interesting ice cream dishes before. I’ve even tried an ice cream dish that was worth $1,000,but never in my life have I heard about ice […]

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