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Artist Adds Dark Humor To His Comics That Look Innocent At First (30 Pics)

Ben took some art classes in high school and at the nearby community college, where he learned life-drawing and basic anatomy. “We were also taught to draw cars,” he said. “Cars are the bane of every cartoonist, so I’m glad that I was forced to draw them early.” Now, he’s using these skills to unleash […]

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29 Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh (New Pics)

Most of them are about inanimate objects which come to life. That’s because I have always, especially as a child, personified things around me. And since a lot of my comics are about everyday objects, many people can strongly relate to them. Some comics might even change how you look at all the everyday objects […]

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41 Cynical Comics I Created To Deal With A Breakup After A 15-Year Relationship

Other comics are available on #14 Fullmetal! Birth Of The Cactus Rabbits reply #15 Home Decora-John reply #16 Merry Christmas! reply View More Replies… #17 Fokking Tomatte reply View More Replies… #18 Watch Out For Extor-John! reply #19 The Ori-John Story reply #20 Upcoming Elecjohns reply View More Replies… #21 Johnny Playstation reply View More […]

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I Started Making Comics With No Experience In Drawing, Almost 4 Years Later Here Are The Results (44 New Pics)

Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-comics-unexpected-endings-part-2-nate-inc-comics/

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Comics About Making It Through Life

So here’s James of No Trades, making my way through life one bad joke at a time. Hopefully I can bring a smile to you as well! reply reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More […]

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