cultural appropriation


Korean hair salon dragged for turning straight hair into Afro-textured hair

Hippie Buddha, a Korean hairstylist and salon owner, is turning quite a few heads on social media by giving his clients (who are all also Korean) Black hairstyles. Needless to say, Twitter is not happy about it. Buddhas Instagram, which says he is an African American hairstylist, is littered with images of his finished looks […]

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People Cant Decide If Its Racist To Dress Up As Moana For Halloween, Get Their Answer From Her Voice Actor

Since the film came out people have been divided on whether or not dressing as the heroine or her friend Maui was in line with cultural sensitivity. The controversy even forced Disney to pull a Maui costume that customers found racist the same year the film was released. Disney followed up the action with this […]

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