I Illustrate Bizarre And Funny Things I Overhear People Say (17 New Pics)

I recently collected all of the illustrations into a book titled #ThingsThatIHear available For more illustrations, check my other posts on Bored Panda here.  This post may include affiliate links. #1 4 reply View More Replies… #3 15 reply View More Replies… #5 7 reply View More Replies… #7 15 reply View More Replies… #9 […]

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29 Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh (New Pics)

Most of them are about inanimate objects which come to life. That’s because I have always, especially as a child, personified things around me. And since a lot of my comics are about everyday objects, many people can strongly relate to them. Some comics might even change how you look at all the everyday objects […]

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My 30 Animal Comics To Inspire People To Love And Care For Themselves

And before that day comes, self-care is still a luxury for many. Like the mother who believes her family’s needs come first, the breadwinner struggling to make ends meet, the kid trying to meet the parents’ expectation and the teenager trying to fit in. Unfortunately, any of us can be on the list. I hope […]

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30 Lolnein Comics That I Created To Make People Laugh (Part 3)

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Each comic also has a bonus panel which you can find on my website (link below). #1 Positive Thoughts #2 Thrilling Tractor #3 Unsaved Work #4 Hot Bath #5 Slow Laptop #6 No Soaking Matter #7 A New Adventure #8 Galaxy Fold vs. Flip Phone #9 Spider Magic #10 Get A […]

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My 20 Comics Where I Try To Explain Human Behavior To An Alien

This was the thought process that led me to create a new Instagram comic exploring that very concept.  A mix of satirical and silly humor, the comic ultimately aims to showcase how mind-boggling human behavior really is if you think about it hard enough. Below is a selection of topics the comic has already touched […]

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18 Everyday Things That Are Fed Up With Your Crap (My Illustrations)

Read more:

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30+ Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor (Cyanide & Happiness)

This team of guys has had a passion for cartoons since they were young which developed into the series you see today. In 2009 they wanted to flex their creative muscles and released animated Cyanide & Happiness animated shorts on YouTube. Today they have amassed millions of Youtube and Facebook subscribers. Scroll down below to […]

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Illustrator Shows The Hilarious Side Of Living With His Girlfriend In 30+ Comics

Living with someone as weird and crazy as you probably is a challenge, but in most cases it just makes every day feel like a new adventure. Karan Gupta, an Indian illustrator and comic artist based in New Delhi, proves this statement that he uses to describe his works in his hilariously relatable comics where […]

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20+ Simple Yet Powerful Comics By Venezuelan Artist That Will Make You Think, And Chuckle Too

“I think the kind of people who enjoy my comics are the ones who like to take a look inside of them and the origin of their feelings,” Maria told Bored Panda. “Introspective and sensitive people, people who are in love.” Now living in Santiago, Chile, she feels a deep sadness about the way things […]

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Comics About Making It Through Life

So here’s James of No Trades, making my way through life one bad joke at a time. Hopefully I can bring a smile to you as well! reply reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More […]

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