30+ Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humor (Cyanide & Happiness)

This team of guys has had a passion for cartoons since they were young which developed into the series you see today. In 2009 they wanted to flex their creative muscles and released animated Cyanide & Happiness animated shorts on YouTube. Today they have amassed millions of Youtube and Facebook subscribers. Scroll down below to […]

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Illustrator Shows The Hilarious Side Of Living With His Girlfriend In 30+ Comics

Living with someone as weird and crazy as you probably is a challenge, but in most cases it just makes every day feel like a new adventure. Karan Gupta, an Indian illustrator and comic artist based in New Delhi, proves this statement that he uses to describe his works in his hilariously relatable comics where […]

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20+ Simple Yet Powerful Comics By Venezuelan Artist That Will Make You Think, And Chuckle Too

“I think the kind of people who enjoy my comics are the ones who like to take a look inside of them and the origin of their feelings,” Maria told Bored Panda. “Introspective and sensitive people, people who are in love.” Now living in Santiago, Chile, she feels a deep sadness about the way things […]

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Comics About Making It Through Life

So here’s James of No Trades, making my way through life one bad joke at a time. Hopefully I can bring a smile to you as well! reply reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More Replies… reply View More […]

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Artist Keeps Illustrating Everyday Life With His Wife In Comics And Were Not Jealous At All (New Pics)

“My inspiration is my every day life with my wife,” Yehuda told Bored Panda. “Our comic series “One of those days” is based on real life moments that happened to us and was about creating a fun memories by illustration.” Maya is an artist herself, and collaborates with her husband to make the “One of those days” series. […]

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I Made These Comics To Compare Chinese Culture With Western Culture Through Everyday Life

I started “tiny eyes” comics a year ago in the hope of sharing Chinese culture through everyday life, To me, learning about other cultures has always been a fun experience, and I want to pass this feeling to people who are curious about China. In lots of my comics, I compare Chinese culture to western […]

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10+ Brutally Hilarious Comics For People Who Like Dark Humour

Mr. Lovenstein, aka J. L. Westover, draws hilarious comics with the most unexpected endings. Featuring everything from animals to funny tips to random situations – I’m sure they’ll help you get through this last work day of the week quicker. Check them out below and don’t forget to vote for your favorites! #1 Read more:

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10 Illustrations Every Dog Owner Will Understand

Let’s talk about dogs and the reason why dogs are great pets. They are loyal. They are awesome friends, they will definitely keep you busy and always be there for you when you need them. Dogs are the best security system. They will also keep you healthy because of daily walks, training exercises or even […]

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Equality FTW: Another Panel Is Being Added To All 23,000 Beetle Bailey Comic Strips Where Beetle Proudly Announces Hes Bisexual

Its time to celebrate, because the long-running comic strip Beetle Bailey has joined the fight for LGBT equality in a major way. The strips publisher, King Features Syndicate, has just announced the addition of an extra panel to every existing Beetle Bailey comicgoing all the way back to the series beginning in 1950in which Beetle […]

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