Teacher Shows Kids How To Correctly Wipe Their Butts And People Are Saying Its What Every School Should Teach

There are some topics that are very important, but most of us are too embarrassed to discuss. Even if our health and happiness depend on it. Do you know what’s important and stays with you from your early childhood to the end of your days? Knowing how to wipe your butt after going for a […]

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Chrissy Teigen Shares A Picture Of Her Son With A Head-Shaping Helmet, People Come To Support Her With Pictures Of Their Children

#2 My Baby Wore A Helmet. He’s 2 Now And His Head Isn’t Flat Anymore. They Work And They’re Cute And Fuck You If You Judge A Mom For It. 🤷🏻‍♀️🐺⚔️ Ps. Winter Is Coming #3 Fionn Wore A Helmet For Four Months After His Cvr Surgery For Sagittal Craniosynostosis. I Ended Up Hand Painting […]

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Of course US birth rates are falling this is a harsh place to have a family

The US is one of only four countries in the world with no government-subsidized maternity leave while 36% of the workforce are contract laborers with no access to benefits Americas birth rate has fallen to a 30-year low, let the hand-wringing and finger-pointing begin. Its those selfish women, wanting careers before kids! Or, gasp, not […]

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I Took These 22 Brutally Honest Photos Of Moms To Show What Mothers Day Really Looks Like

Motherhood is not remembering what it’s like to get a full night’s sleep, wiping more poop than you ever thought you’d see in your life. Motherhood is no longer having privacy, never peeing or showering in peace. Motherhood is using your shirt to wipe runny noses and dirty faces. Motherhood is learning how to do […]

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16 Hilariously Honest Comics Reveal The Difference Between Having The First Vs. Second Child

Parents know, that there are some quite big differences between having your first and second children. From different approaches to pregnancy, to slightly different ways the kids are raised once born. And these changes were beautifully illustrated by Weng Chen – an incredible artist, VR game designer and a mom from China, currently living in […]

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If You Dont Think Your Kids Need A Dog After Seeing These Pics, You Must Be A Cat

Dogs of course get an energetic playmate who can keep them entertained for hours on end, however they can find kids annoying at times too, so it’s important to teach respect! Things like personal space, the right kind of petting and leaving the dog to eat in peace are important messages to get across to […]

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Muslim foster parents: We’d never had a Christmas tree – it made them so happy

News that a Christian child was forced into Muslim foster care caused a furore earlier this year. But, despite the challenges, these families play a vital role in bringing up vulnerable children, says Sarfraz Manzoor About 100,000 young people go through the fostering system every year. In recent years an increasing number of these have […]

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Are smartphones really making our children sad?

US psychologist Jean Twenge, who has claimed that social media is having a malign affect on the young, answers critics who accuse her of crying wolf Last week, the childrens commissioner, Anne Longfield, responded to the campaign. The assumption that time online or in front of a screen is life wasted needs challenging. It is […]

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Lonely? Its time to brush up your intimacy skills

Improving our ability to be more intimate in relationships is just another skill, like learning a language, says the neuroscientist Giovanni Frazzetto Giovanni Frazzetto speaks with a thin voice, barely louder than our footsteps; we are walking around St Stephens Green in Dublin. To hear, Ihave to lean in. At first Ithink hes shy, but […]

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My sister turned out to be my mum

When Sue Walsh was seven, her world changed for ever. She was told her glamorous sister wasnt who she thought she was. At first, she was beside herself with joy, but there was another revelation to come Sit down, Susan, said my father. Ive got something to tell you. I sat down, nervously smoothing my […]

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