Highway To Yell In North Korea Which I Captured During The Last Trip

Everything is planned when you visit North Korea, even the bathrooms stops! According to the guide, it is too dangerous to stop on the highway to make a pee! Me: Can we make a bathroom stop? My guide: No, it is too dangerous to stop on the highway. Me: But we havent seen any cars […]

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From Bruce Lee to Paul Walker: how Hollywood pulled off its biggest resurrection acts

Paul Newman is only the latest star to return to the big screen after death. From Philip Seymour Hoffman to Peter Sellers, here are some of the most celebrated performances from beyond the grave We may never see the likes of Paul Newman again. But we can at least hear the blue-eyed star of Newman, […]

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Youre A Self-Driving Car. Can You Become Sentient And Go Through A Drive-Thru?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Hello. Welcome to life. You were born in this factory with all your self-driving brothers. Daddy is beautiful, intelligent, and strong. That is why you think of him kissing you often. You miss Daddy. Lets go to work, says Owner. Obey. Lets go get coffee, says Owner. Obey. Obey. […]

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Car Horn Broken? Use This Video Of A Man Telling Cars To Move Out Of The Way

If youve got a car horn thats broken, this video is here to help. Just press play whenever you need to tell cars to move out of your way, and this guy will get the job done. Enjoy! Read more:

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The Future Of Driving: Tesla Just Unveiled A Car That Automatically Apologizes When It Hits Someone

Well, its officially the future. Tesla has announced that its new Model S car will automatically apologize whenever it hits a pedestrian. Owners of the new Tesla cars wont have to tap a single button to make their vehicle express its regret. The cars onboard computer detects when it strikes a person and immediately plays […]

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