Billy Smith and Joe Smith, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Twins, Took Lives in Suicide Pact After Cancer Diagnosis

The twin brothers who starred in the British reality-TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding told The Telegraph: Joey had cancer, and Billy told him Id never be able to live without you. Joey told the family he got the all-clear after chemo two months ago, but we dont know if thats true now. They […]

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Doctors hail world first as womans advanced breast cancer is eradicated

Immune cells from the womans own body used to wipe out tumours A woman with advanced breast cancer which had spread around her body has been completely cleared of the disease by a groundbreaking therapy that harnessed the power of her immune system to fight the tumours. It is the first time that a patient […]

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Ghost writer: how Martino Sclavi’s brain tumour helped him write a book

Expected to die, and having lost the ability to read, the Italian film producer devoted himself to a near-impossible task. Rachel Cooke meets him I meet Martino Sclavi in Islington, north London, where he shares a small flat. Its a perfectly ordinary summer morning: pigeons are cooing and somewhere far off, a siren sounds. But […]

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Experimental ovarian cancer treatment looks ‘very promising’, researchers say

Early-phase study of drug that mimics folic acid to attack ovarian cancer cells could hold promise for women who stop responding to traditional treatment An experimental new treatment for ovarian cancer led to a dramatic shrinking of tumors in a small, early-phase study. Researchers were testing a drug, known as ONX-0801, for safety, but found […]

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Trial finds combination of pancreatic cancer drugs extends survival

Campaigners hail monumental leap forward in treatment of most lethal form of cancer, which kills 8,800 Britons each year Cancer campaigners are hailing a monumental leap forward in pancreatic cancer treatment after a new drug trial significantly extended survival from what is the most lethal form of the disease. The clinical trial found that 29% […]

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Mother charged with injecting feces to son’s IV during cancer treatment

(CNN)An Indiana mother is accused of injecting fecal matter into her 15-year-old son’s IV bag while he was undergoing cancer treatments at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. According to Marion Superior Court documents, Tiffany Alberts, 41, of Wolcott, Indiana, used a syringe to inject feces into her son’s IV on several occasions between November […]

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Cancer Moonshot program is ‘close to gigantic progress’, Joe Biden says

Vice-presidents $1bn effort on behalf of cancer research has seen improved information-sharing, report says, but its future is unclear Vice-president Joe Bidens the report, which summarizes the work completed so far and outlines a path forward over the next five years. Ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft will help patients get to the doctor and to […]

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Genes linked to rare cancer affecting children and young adults uncovered

Sarcomas disproportionately affect the young, but researchers have discovered a host of genes linked to the cancers, raising hopes for better treatment Scientists have uncovered a host of genes linked to a rare type of cancer that disproportionately affects children and young adults. Sarcomas can develop in a range of tissues including muscle, bone, tendons […]

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5-Year-Old LJ Celebrates Beating Cancer With The ASU Devils

It seems that in our world, shaving your head, or seeing someone bald, is sometimes associated with cancer. Although it’s unfortunate thatwe associate this way because cancer has touched so many people in our world, it’s still a great thing to hear about when someone beats this horrible disease or fights through with positivity. That […]

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Young Woman Tells Her Story Of Cancer With A Personal Recording And Dance

Everyone has struggles in their life, which issomething that Brianna Mercado never fails to remind herself. Although, I think shes gone through much more than some of us ever will. Brianna had fought to win the battle against cancer, twice, by age 22. First it was against a rare bone cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma. The second […]

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