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5-Year-Old LJ Celebrates Beating Cancer With The ASU Devils

It seems that in our world, shaving your head, or seeing someone bald, is sometimes associated with cancer. Although it’s unfortunate thatwe associate this way because cancer has touched so many people in our world, it’s still a great thing to hear about when someone beats this horrible disease or fights through with positivity. That […]

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Young Woman Tells Her Story Of Cancer With A Personal Recording And Dance

Everyone has struggles in their life, which issomething that Brianna Mercado never fails to remind herself. Although, I think shes gone through much more than some of us ever will. Brianna had fought to win the battle against cancer, twice, by age 22. First it was against a rare bone cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma. The second […]

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Girl Who Lost Her Leg To Cancer Learns To Dance Again

Gabi Shull began dancing when she was just 6years old. For three years, she followed her passion until one fateful day in 2011 when she fell while ice-skating. At first, Shull and her parents thought her bruised knee was a result of the fall. They didn’t think much of it. After a few weeks, however, […]

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Cancer Survivor Surprises Her Big Brother With The Best Pregnancy Announcement

In 2005, Lindsay MacPhee-Currie received some devastating news. She had breast cancer and doctors said that it would most likely affect her fertility. Absolutely devastated, Lindsay believed that she would not have children naturally. In her post, originally submitted on the Facebook page Love What Matters, Lindsay said, “Heartbroken, devastated and feeling complete and utter […]

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25-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Devotes Life To Spreading Awareness

Two years ago, Sophie Trew spent two months inColombia filminga documentary andsuffering from severe exhaustion. The then 23-year-old filmmaker blamed her extreme lethargy, breathlessness, and night sweats on hertraveling untila lump began growingon her neck. Upon returning home to the UK, Trew’s doctor diagnosed her with Hodgkin’s lymphoma a cancer that affects the lymphatic system […]

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