Fire-starting weed or ecological scapegoat? The battle over California’s eucalyptus trees

The fight over a celebrated exotic plant highlights questions over Californias future amid the climate crisis Read more:

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This town is giving families $500 a month. The results are remarkable | Natalie Foster

Recipients have used the money to apply for better jobs, spend more time with their children, or save for better housing On a recent Saturday morning, for the first time in months, Tomas had time to go to the pool with his kids. He sat at the edge of the water breathing in the smell […]

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E. coli outbreak reported in romaine lettuce harvested from Salinas, California, CDC and FDA say

(CNN)A total of 40 people in 16 states have fallen ill due to an E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and US Food and Drug Administration. This outbreak was caused by the same E. coli strain that caused outbreaks in 2017 and 2018, according to […]

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Let’s follow California’s lead and regulate companies like Uber | Veena Dubal

The gig economy is terrible for workers. We must tackle the problem head-on This week, Californias governor, Gavin Newsom Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) into law. The bill codifies the misclassifying workers as independent contractors. If properly enforced, AB5 will have enormous called on this California bill to be the inspiration for regulations governing gig work […]

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Please Take a Moment and Cherish this Huge Pod of Dolphins Swimming Free

View this post on Instagram “Wild Horses of the Sea†Absolutely mind blowing amazing, witnessing this huge pod of young dolphins marching up the coast off Laguna Beach today. Mother Natures amazing wonders never disappoint. Highlighting the importance in protecting this magic by cleaning up our oceans and finding an alternative for single use plastics. […]

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Story of woman who fled California wildfire after giving birth to be made into film

A Private War director Matthew Heineman to write and direct film set against backdrop of the 2018 Camp Fire that killed 85 people The deadly wildfires that hit California in 2018 are to become the subject of a new film, it has been announced. A Private Wars Matthew Heineman will write and direct a film […]

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After lecturing Trump about a clean environment, L.A. mayor is informed of health hazard from 12 tons of uncollected garbage’ that’s swarming with rats’

Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, is not unlike California Gov. Gavin Newsom when it comes to being frequent critics of Trump’s environmental policies that don’t match up with the wants of climate change alarmist progressives. Here’s one such tweet from earlier this year: At all levels of government, it is our responsibility to […]

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Family demands answers in police shooting of 17-year-old California girl

Police claim a replica gun was found, but Hannah Williams family says she was killed for no reason after a minor traffic incident Police in southern California are facing questions over the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old girl, who her family says was killed for no reason after a minor traffic incidentnear her home on […]

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Police fired 55 times at Willie McCoy. An investigation called it ‘reasonable’

The 20-year-old aspiring rapper had been sleeping in his car at a Taco Bell when Vallejo police shot him The California police officers who killed sleeping in his car, fired 55 bullets at him in 3.5 seconds which was reasonable, according to the city of Vallejos hired consultant. Officials disclosed the extraordinary number of rounds […]

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A school’s mural removal: should kids be shielded from brutal US history?

Every day at a San Francisco high school, students pass artwork depicting slavery and violence against Native Americans Depending on whom you ask, a 1,600-sq-ft art installation at George Washington high school in San Francisco is either an unflinching look at American history, a stark depiction of violence against oppressed minorities or both. In New […]

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