Hero Dog Rescues Owner From His Childhood Home Just Before Its Burned To The Ground

A Connecticut familys entire life changed in the blink of an eye on June 25, 2016. Keep in mind, it’s a tragedy that could happen to any one of us at any moment in time. Randy Bova was alone in the home he shares with his mother, Lucy, his younger brother, Robert, and their pup […]

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Two Blind Cat Brothers Have Battled The Odds Together

Sometimes stray animals travel in pairs, or even groups. Though they may be facing horrible odds out in the wild, animals will stay connected with one anothereven if traveling alone would be easier. Lost, abandoned, or abused pets have defied the odds with their friends, siblings, and even 10 newborn babies! But these two particular […]

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Hero Detective Finds Love After Adopting Two Foster Brothers

Detective Jack Mook from Pittsburgh was known for being a committed bachelor and a dedicated police officer. In his free time, he would volunteer at Steel City Boxing Gym, teaching boxing to underprivileged kids in the neighborhood. While teaching there, he grew fond of two brothers that would show up to box consistently, Josh, age […]

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