Shedunnit how Agatha Christie became cinema hot property

With his new film Knives Out, Rian Johnson has rescued the crime writer from cosy evening telly and recast her for the here and now A housekeeper finds the body of her multimillionaire boss in the study, his throat slit, a knife having dripped blood all over the white sheepskin rug. Shit! she says. It […]

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Rihanna mobbed in Paris: Dennis Leupold’s best photograph

A huge crowd surrounded the car. It was quite eerie, almost scary. Even for her that moment was crazy Rihannas French fans are wild. They love her so much and they run for several blocks behind her car when shes travelling through the city. This shot was taken at Diamonds world tour in 2013 she […]

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Former Trump Adviser Michael Caputo Writing New Book Titled Putin Won

Trump-Russia investigations, has inked a deal to author a new book provocatively titled, Putin Won, The Daily Beast has learned. The book doesnt appear to primarily focus on profusely praising or declaring fealty to President Donald Trump, as has been the case with many non-fiction works by other Trump associates such as Jeanine Pirro, Sean […]

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College students burned author’s books after she spoke about white privilege

Social media videos show students at a Georgia college burning copies of a book written by a Cuban American author. She later said she was questioned by a white student about whether shehad the authority to address issues of race and white privilege on campus in the Q&A portion of her discussion. One student filmed […]

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The Guardian view on David Cameron’s memoirs | Editorial

Editorial: When great power comes with great irresponsibility The publication of extracts from David Camerons memoirs casts a chill light on the flaws of the British political system. The interest lies not in the detail of who stabbed whose back or which Closet racists, fruitcakes, he called them. However true this judgment appears now that […]

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Ahead of the pack: the best books about running

A hidden tribe in Mexico, an Olympic hero and the fells unsung heroes Ben Wilkinson picks books that explore our love of running Running is in rude health. Two million adults in England alone lace up their running shoes each week. The parkrun initiative free, Saturday morning, timed 5km events open to all started as […]

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I cant write about a world without rape because I dont live in one

Women read and write crime fiction as a way to understand real experience. I was raped and being told by the Staunch prize that books like mine are preventing justice is outrageous That rape cases are hard to prosecute is no shocker, but the claim that crime writers are partly to blame shocked me. The […]

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The Conservative Sensibility review: George Will and a right wronged

The veteran columnist is no longer a member of the Republican party, which he says has become a personality cult In America, traditional conservatives are not having a good day. Their amalgam of limited government, patriotism, rule of law and free markets is in retrograde. order, continuity, and social cohesion and who demand that a […]

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Trust Exercise by Susan Choi review masterly study of power and its abuses

The Pulitzer-nominated novelist develops the issues raised by #MeToo within the setting of a suburban American drama school Sarah and David, 15-year-olds at an elite and unconventional drama school in 1980s suburban America, fall in love. An early misunderstanding is manipulated by a charismatic teacher, Mr Kingsley, who sets a series of emotionally exposing improvisations […]

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Alec Soth, a photographer reborn: ‘I realised everything is connected’

The celebrated chronicler of contemporary American life on the epiphany that made him adopt a more intimate focus In 2016, while on a working trip to Helsinki, the American photographer books and on Instagram knows, Soth is big on poetry, seeing it as akin to photography in its attempts to evoke the ineffable. Towards the […]

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