Heartwarming: This Man Promised There Wouldnt Be Any Trouble If These Ladies Handed Over Their Purses

Looking for a story that will absolutely make your day? Well, look no further, because a good Samaritan in Fremont, CA, just went above and beyond with an incredible spontaneous act of kindness. While sisters Katherine and Jamie Donovan were walking home from dinner last night, this amazing man pulled up beside them and promised […]

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She Turns A $7 Dresser From Goodwill Into A Beautiful TV Console

Taking something old and making it new is always a creative inspiration formy mind. As I’m in the process of finding an apartment, it’s a budget struggle every day, so finding amazing DIY projects for little to no money are huge stealsfor me. When I can refurbish something I already have, I feel like I’ve […]

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Inspiring: This Man Lost 150 Pounds To Run In The New York City Marathon And Then Gained It Back In Time For Cannonball Season

If youre looking for your daily dose of inspiration, look no further than Alan Greer. A year ago, Alan weighed over 300 pounds and hadnt run a mile since high school gym class. But with a lot of hard work and willpower, he just accomplished something incredible: Not only did he drop 150 pounds to […]

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This DIY Marbled Nail Art Is Beyond Gorgeous

There are so many amazing manicure trends going on these days, and I am obsessed with pretty much all of them. Between this stunning monochrome nail art and this super easy triangle-shaped nail mani, it can be hard to choose just ONE trend to try. But this next video seriously blows everything out of the […]

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Jen Righi And Paul Morris Take To The Streets Of Manhattan To Celebrate Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and for many, it means a day of celebration and pride for our country. With Independence Day, you can expect to see amazing red, white, and blue decor, like this patriotic ring tossanda ton of festive treats, like these festive cake pops. But we all know […]

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Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Best Writing Tips

Every good movie starts with a great script. If you dream about seeing your vision on the silver screen, take a page from these acclaimed screenwriters. 1. Quentin Tarantino There are no 100 percent original ideas left, and youve got to learn how to steal from the best. Inspiration is just another word for theft, […]

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Lessons From A Master: Check Out Gregg Popovichs 5 Basketball Tips For Young Players

Whether you know him as Pop, Coach, or simply 67-year-old San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, the NBAs longest-tenured coach is a well of knowledge and wisdom. Read on to learn the five biggest pieces of advice he has for budding basketball players. 1. Smart Defense Is Good Defense: Reach out and ask your man […]

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Body Image Win! Just Added 300 Pounds And Counting As A Synonym For Beautiful

Well, this is just the best. Over the past few years, society has made tremendous strides toward recognizing that all bodies are beautiful, not just the ones that fit certain unrealistic, predetermined ideas. Nowhere is this progress more evident than in the recent news that added 300 pounds and counting as a synonym for […]

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