An Honest Review Of ‘Last Christmas’ | Betches

Seasons greetings! It is I, Betches’ resident A Spoiler-Free Review In terms of holiday tropes, this movie has it all: family strife, an inordinate amount of decorations, an astoundingly selfish person who—through the guidance of another—learns to care about something outside themselves, some sort of tragedy that begets new beginnings, vague political undertones, a romantic […]

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UPDATED: The Extremely Stupid Reason Selena Gomez And Bella Hadid Are Feuding | Betches

Sometimes, celebrity feuds are messy, knock-down, drag-out wars. Other times, they’re so subtle that you almost miss them completely. This latest bit of drama between Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid falls into the latter camp, with the feud being so subtle I almost couldn’t figure out WTF was going on at first. That’s because it […]

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What’s Fueling Our Collective Obsession With Selena Gomez? | Betches

that features a shirtless Carisi? I’ve only been aggressively tweeting this suggestion at him for the last six seasons. Or, like, will I die alone? Then, of course, there’s also why the hell is everyone so obsessed with Selena Gomez?   or to report on the more hard-hitting stuff in her life, like her Instagram comments, […]

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Kourtney Kardashian Is Trying To Teach Her Followers How To Eat Apples | Betches

It’s been several months since Kourtney Kardashian launched her Goop knockoff questionable pseudoscience, Kourtney’s site is full of all the lame beauty, food, and ~wellness~ content you’d expect. Amid tips on the best “Pick of the Week,” one piece on Poosh stood out to me as especially non-life-changing. Let’s discuss Poosh‘s groundbreaking work of journalism, “eating a Kit […]

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The 8 Messiest Celebrity Tell-All Books You Have To Read | Betches

about this one before but, y’all, Demi Moore’s new memoir is actually bonkers. Not only does she finally open up about her marriage to Ashton Kutcher (#tbt) and the wild threesomes they used to have to try (in vain) to save their marriage, but she also talks about her meteoric rise to fame and struggles […]

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Female UK Lawmakers Pen Open Letter Urging Media To Back TF Off Meghan Markle’ | Betches

To be quite frank, the media treats Meghan Markle like sh*t. And you know who agrees with me? Many of the women who serve as Members of Parliament in the UK (MPs for short). More than 70 female MPs have signed an open letter stating that the way the press has treated Meghan is gross […]

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An Analysis Of Scooter Braun’s Shadiness | Betches

It’s been nearly five months since Taylor Swift first began her public crusade against Scooter Braun, but until yesterday, it was a one-sided battle. From last week’s drama over whether Taylor would be allowed to perform her hits at this weekend’s American Music Awards, Scooter Braun stayed silent. Lots of his famous friends spoke out […]

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The 7 Most Annoying People You Meet In College | Betches

stop being so f*cking annoying!The Obnoxiously Late the only way I can survive my 8 am is with a large @dunkin coffee #ad Oct 11, 2019 at 9:00am PDT me hate you less, or makeThe “Busy” Bitches Cue eye rollFirst of all, you’re not the busiest person in the world (or at your school, for […]

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A Texas Couple’s Gender Reveal Ended In A Plane Crash | Betches

The headline says it all, guys. What have we told you about What Happened? This incident took place back on WTF? Honestly, these idiots are so lucky no one was killed or seriously injured. Gender reveals, as I said above, are getting stupider and stupider. Lest we forget the woman who was killed in October […]

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The Top 10 Wedding Trends Of 2020, According To The Knot | Betches

1. Eco-Conscious Sustainability If there’s one thing I learned from the AP Environmental Science class I took in high school, it’s that the Earth is like, in trouble. And I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the news, but caring about the environment is cool now. Even though your wedding is supposed to […]

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