The Shortest Celebrity Marriages You Probably Forgot Even Happened Betches

Celebrities are like, so relatable, what with their vacations and skin care routines and day-to-day 9-5 jobs. They totally live in the real world, except when it comes to marriage. Honestly, can you think of any family or friends that have gotten hitched and within a month or less, have called it quits? How about […]

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The Uncomfortable Reason Behind The Rise Of Millennial Scammers Betches

In 2019, it’s old news that we love a good scamming story. But among the “stars” of this year’s scamming news cycle—Anna Delvey, Billy McFarland, and Elizabeth Holmes, to name a few—there’s one clear similarity. They’re all millennial scammers. Now, our generation has been accused of a lot of things: we’re lazy and entitled, we […]

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A Woman Is Getting Dragged For Opening A ‘Clean’ Chinese Restaurant

This tells us a few things. One, she clearly has not been privileged enough to have Chinese friends invite her over for good home cooked Chinese food, and honestly, we feel for her. Like, she probably has only ever eaten Chinese food when she gets it from a takeout Chinese restaurant when she’s hungover or […]

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There Are More Claims That A-Rod Cheated On J.Lo Betches

Unless you live underground, you’re likely aware that A-Rod (of Yankees fame) and J.Lo (of the block) decided to consciously couple and announced their engagement on March 9. There was a 10-carat ring. A picturesque sunset over a bay we’ve never heard of. A previously great baseball player and his big bootied love, just soaking […]

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The Worst Kardashian Photoshop Fails Betches

In my last celebrity Photoshop fail article, I mentioned that I could write an entire article just dedicated to Kardashian Photoshop fails. Guess what? HERE IT IS. And at the rate these women post such f*cked up pics, this will probably end up being a series. One thing is for sure: money cannot buy a […]

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A Deep Dive Into The New Generation Of Celebrity Kid Influencers

Luckily for us, these relics of yesteryear found equally beautiful partners to procreate with, and the result is a master race of celebrity children, who have collectively decided it’s time to become famous. Since you already know I’m going to leave her off the list, but these are the cool kids she’d hang out with […]

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There Was A Mini ‘Clueless’ Reunion, And We Have Questions Betches

It’s been almost 25 years since Clueless came out, which makes me feel like the oldest person on the planet. Lucky for us, the cast still gets along, and they reunited over the weekend at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. Paul Rudd, Alicia Silverstone, Donald Faison, and Breckin Meyer sat down for a panel discussion together, […]

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One Of Hannah B’s Men Already Got His Shady Social Media Past Exposed Betches

In the past couple years, it’s become a beloved tradition: every year when ABC announces the contestants on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, one of them inevitably gets canceled for being problematic on social media. Last year, we had Garrett, who somehow still won Becca’s season, and Lincoln, and on Colton’s season we had Tracy, all of whom made ABC’s alleged […]

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TV Shows From Your Childhood You Didnt Realize Were Empowering

That’s right, some of our favorite childhood shows made a legit and impactful effort to instill feminism in our young and impressionable minds so that we would be prepared to enter young adulthood with the betchy confidence of Angelica Pickles circa the early years. Let’s get to it.  ‘Rugrats’ View this post on Instagram ‘The […]

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The Barbie Style IG Account Makes Me Hate Everything Betches

To sum it up really quick: Barbie Style reflects the worst that society has to offer. If this is her attempt at acting like a (slightly above) average millennial woman, I feel like the majority of us are pond scum. So, without further ado, let’s mock the sh*t out of a plastic doll which in […]

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