30 Womens Everyday Problems That Perfectly Sum Up Life As A 21st Century Woman

“Romanian-Canadian artist and lazy fairy.” This is how Cassandra Calin describes herself and it’s kinda fitting. The well-known cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer is based in Montreal, Canada. She talks about her everyday life, personal experiences, and first world problems in witty and fun comics that many people from around the world relate to. The […]

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‘I see pain in her eyes’ the 3.6m masterpiece that went to jail

A powerful painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, depicting the torturing of Saint Catherine, is touring Britain. What did the women of Send Prison make of the chilling work? Two women are chatting in front of a painting of Catherine of Alexandria, a saint martyred in the fourth century. The figure is shown leaning on a wheel […]

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A school’s mural removal: should kids be shielded from brutal US history?

Every day at a San Francisco high school, students pass artwork depicting slavery and violence against Native Americans Depending on whom you ask, a 1,600-sq-ft art installation at George Washington high school in San Francisco is either an unflinching look at American history, a stark depiction of violence against oppressed minorities or both. In New […]

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Talented Young Artist Draws Incredibly Realistic Portrait Of Kevin Hart, Cant Believe He Actually Responds On Twitter

There are so many talented people out there, creating breathtaking works of art that deserve the attention of the whole world. But the art scene can be a snobby and fickle place, sometimes it seems that the right ‘names’ get far more attention than their talents merit. So it’s refreshing to see a truly gifted […]

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Colin Lane’s best photograph: the cover of the Strokes’ Is This It

The day the album came out, theres a photo of me grinning in front of a rack of them in Virgin Records. I think my ex-girlfriend was pleased too. Ive never revealed her identity It was late 1999 or 2000. I had spent the day on a fashion shoot, and my apartment was littered with […]

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White House asks for Van Gogh loan but Guggenheim offers gold toilet instead

The Guggenheim Museum proposed lending Maurizio Cattelans America after turning down a request for Landscape With Snow White House asks for Van Gogh loan but Guggenheim offers gold toilet instead The Guggenheim Museum proposed lending Maurizio Cattelans America after turning down a request for Landscape With Snow Adam Gabbatt in New York @adamgabbatt First published […]

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‘We found it rolled up in a tube’: Alice Cooper discovers Warhol classic after 40 years

Silkscreen from Warhols Death and Disaster series, which cost $2,500, sat in storage among singers artefacts The rock star Alice Cooper has found an Andy Warhol masterpiece that could be worth millions rolled up in a tube in a storage locker, where it lay forgotten for more than 40 years. The work in question is […]

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Paris’s Pompidou Centre to open gallery in Shanghai

The modern art gallery, which also plans to open branches in South Korea and Belgium, has been in talks for more than a decade with China The regarded as the second most important in the world after the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Read more:

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How I looked for clues to my sisters inner world in her art

My sister, Fauzia, died too young and all we had left of her was her art small, beautiful, incomplete pieces of her My sister, Fauzia, had her first big bout of depression in 1990, though none of us recognised it at the time. She had just dropped out of her fine art foundation course at […]

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Raves, riots and revolutions: Manchesters radical history of mass gatherings

From Peterloo to the MIF Procession, via Manchester Pride and acid house, Manchesters communal happenings have helped shaped the soul of the city The opening event of this years MIF is a new work curated by Peterloo protest was hugely influential in giving ordinary people the vote, as well as leading to the rise of […]

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