This Guy Receives A Racist Message, Responds With A Compliment And Gets An Apology

Over the course of years, many conducted studies have shown that social media can be quite harmful to one’s mental health. It’s not so hard to see why – when millions of angry people are suddenly given the platform to express their raw feelings, things can get pretty ugly. Today, no one is immune from […]

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Cosmo Has Apologized For Publishing Its Controversial 10 Ways To Drive A Neo-Nazi Wild In The Sack List

While Cosmopolitan has never been a magazine that shies away from racy content, it seems like one of its latest pieces has really crossed the line. After receiving torrents of furious criticism from the public, Cosmo has apologized for publishing its controversial “10 Ways To Drive A Neo-Nazi Wild In The Sack” list. Yikes. Cosmo’s […]

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