Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth

After water, concrete is the most widely used substance on the planet. But its benefits mask enormous dangers to the planet, to human health and to culture itself In the time it takes you to read this sentence, the global building industry will have poured more than 19,000 bathtubs of concrete. By the time you […]

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US, Mexico and Canada sign revised trade deal to replace Nafta

Pact was agreed more than a year ago but Democrats insisted on major changes to improve enforcement of worker rights Officials from Canada, Mexico and the United States have signed a fresh overhaul of a quarter-century-old trade pact that aims to improve enforcement of worker rights and hold down prices for biologic drugs by eliminating […]

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Bolivia crisis: how did we get here and what happens next?

A disputed election, a deposed president, an unelected interim government and widespread street protests have left the country in turmoil Bolivia was plunged into a deepening political crisis this week after Evo Morales interim administration led by Jeanine allowed Evo Morales to run for a fourth consecutive term, despite narrowly losing a referendum on the […]

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Photojournalist shot outside Haitian senate

(CNN)A Haitian senator appeared to open fire amid chaotic scenes outside the country’s Parliament building in the capital, Port-au-Prince, on Monday. Chery, a native of Haiti, said on his Facebook page that doctors would remove the bullet “soon,” and thanked people who had expressed their support. “Doctors say that am not at big risk,” he […]

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Canada IVF doctor loses licence for using wrong sperm including his own

Norman Barwin, 80, also faces class action civil case and is believed to have wrongly inseminated 13 women At the height of his 41-year medical career the Canadian fertility specialist Norman Barwin was known as the Colleges summary of its judgment, it described a dozen cases in which women were impregnated with the wrong sperm. […]

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Cuba Fast Facts

(CNN)Here’s some background information about Cuba, a communist country located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 90 miles south of Florida. Median age: 41.8 years Capital: Havana Ethnic Groups: white 64.1%, mixed 26.6%, black 9.3% (2012 est.) GDP (purchasing power parity): $137 billion (2017 est.) GDP per capita: $12,300 (2016 est.) Unemployment: 2.6% (2017 est., according […]

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Mayor’s knitting shows men still dominate debate

(CNN)While demonstrations and suffragette memorials may be typical outlets for politicians to rise up against the patriarchy, one Canadian official has taken a decidedly unconventional stand: knitting. “I knit in city council because it helps me concentrate,” Montgomery wrote on Twitter. “Tonight I decided to knit it red when men spoke; green for women. Day […]

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Julian Assange: WikiLeaks says spies at work in Ecuadorian embassy

Spanish police uncover videos, documents and photos taken from inside embassy in sting operation WikiLeaks has said it has uncovered a surveillance operation at the Ecuadorian embassy against Julian Assange and that images, documents and videos gathered have been offered for sale. Spanish police mounted a sting operation against unnamed individuals in Madrid who offered […]

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A rabbi was worried no one would come to this Holocaust survivor’s funeral. He put out a call on Facebook and 200 people showed up

(CNN)Rabbi Zale Newman thought no one would show up to Eddie Ford’s funeral in Toronto, Canada. He received a response from only three people saying they would attend the funeral, Newman said. He called a rabbi friend in California — who once performed a funeral with no one there but the deceased — for advice. […]

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Americans detained in Haiti have returned to the US, reports say

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN)A group of Americans detained in Haiti and accused of being “terrorists” by the country’s leader have returned to the United States, according to the Miami Herald. A State Department spokesperson confirmed the “return of the individuals to the US was coordinated with the Haitian authorities,” but did not provide additional details.

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