Swipe This! My sister’s Instagram for her baby is freaking me out

Swipe This!is an advice column about how to navigate human relationships and connections in an age when we depend so heavily on technology. Have a question? Email[email protected] Dear Swipe This! Even so, I followed the account like she told us to. Right now the account is mostly just friends and family, but I feel very […]

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Swipe This! Will I be happier if I quit social media?

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Parent Asks How To Punish Son Who Doesnt Want To Go To Church, Gets Hilarious Advice

Some people see their children as mere extensions of themselves, and are positively outraged when they discover that the little bastards have somehow developed – (shock!) – opinions and beliefs contrary to their own. Charles Hutchins This parent appears to fall into this bracket. Seemingly baffled that their dearest son doesn’t share their own enthusiasm […]

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People Are Applauding The Way Schwarzenegger Responded To An Internet User Who Was Depressed For Months

Former Mr.Universe, Hollywood star and Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is whipping himself back into shape, and taking his time to motivate others too. Arnie has become well known for the care and kind words he has for his fans, and has become a fixture on Reddit, where he posts under the name u/GovSchwarzenegger. He […]

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Work Hack: How To Let Your Boss Know That You Are All Full Up On Pork Meat

So, you want to let your boss know that all the pork meat got filled up in you, but dont know how? No worries! Try any of these simple strategies and your boss will know all about how you are full up on pork meat in no time! 1. Show your boss the article in […]

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Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Best Writing Tips

Every good movie starts with a great script. If you dream about seeing your vision on the silver screen, take a page from these acclaimed screenwriters. 1. Quentin Tarantino There are no 100 percent original ideas left, and youve got to learn how to steal from the best. Inspiration is just another word for theft, […]

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7 Things No One Tells You About Having Your First Child

Get ready, expectant parents. Pretty soon, these are just going to be facts of life. 1. You start craving the open road: Dont be too surprised when you begin feeling the urge to pack your car with nothing more than a suitcase and a guitar, ready to see where that American highway takes you. 2. […]

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9 Easy Little Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive To Women

Fellas, make these little tweaks, then prepare yourself for a dating onslaught. 1. Comb your hair so that its always pointing in a womans direction: This is just a small adjustment to your morning routine, but it will drive the ladies wild! 2. Learn about cars: Theres nothing sexier than a guy who can walk […]

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