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Husband Texts Wife He Spent $800 From Their Vacation Budget On His Student After Noticing His Clothing

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Photographer Gives Free Sessions To Kids With Special Needs

The woman you’re about to meet is definitely one of a kind, and as for her sister? That’s the reason she decided to do what she does now. Smith’s sister is disabled, paralyzed, and in a wheel chair. So, naturally, Smith knows about the things that disabled people sometimes have to deal with when they’re […]

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Couple Dealing With Natural Disaster Gets Sweet Boost From Waitress

In June of 2016, a couple ate in a restaurant in Rocky Mount, VA. The pair were on their phones for the entire meal. At first glance, this might seem like a typical quandary of life in 2016. People are on their phones all the time, little kids dont know what its like to live […]

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