30 Reactions Europeans Had To The Record-Breaking Heatwave

For those of you from hotter climates, at the ready with your “meh, that’s just a normal day here” comments, remember, Europe is not used to these kinds of extremes! Houses are insulated against the winter cold, and air conditioning is rare. It hit almost 40C in Poland for goodness sake. Poland. This is not […]

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30 Wholesome Dog Posts That Will Hopefully Make Your Day (New Pics)

Bored Panda put together a list for all the dog lovers out there not of just dog photos but dog memes – to keep you grinning from ear to ear all day. Share with your other canine lover friends and don’t forget to upvote your favs! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 […]

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Amazon Is Now Selling An Igloo You Can Build In Your Backyard

With summer finally arriving, it is time to prepare for your days off when you’ll be able to spend some time relaxing and feeling nothing else besides complete bliss. While some enjoy spending their free time in the wilderness, others would much rather try out this new form of camping and relaxation called glamping – […]

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Guy Takes His Grandpa And Uncle To Get Their Hearing Aids Done, Tweets Hilarious Adventures On The Way

As we get older we start to deteriorate a little – things like eyesight and hearing are often the first to go. Although the ravages of time are unavoidable, we have invented ways to at least mitigate our senior shortcomings; glasses and hearing aids have become essential kit for many older folk. But with age […]

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Woman Mocks Guy That Wanted To Take Her On A Date To Applebees, Gets Destroyed With 19 Responses

An entitled woman thought people would appreciate her ridiculing a guy for trying to take her to Applebee’s But someone stepped in and explained in the comments why she’s actually the loser here Mike Mozart

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30 Of The Funniest Job Interview Memes Ever

#2 Next off, clarify your selling points and the reasons you want the job. “Prepare to go into every interview with three to five key selling points in mind such as what makes you the best candidate for the position,” Experis wrote. “Have an example of each selling point prepared (‘I have good communication skills. […]

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20 Photos Of Legendary Bands At The Beginning Vs. After They Got Famous

#2 Linkin Park Just like most of the bands in this list, Linkin Park was founded by high school friends: Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, and Brad Delson. The band later named themselves Linkin Park as an homage to Lincoln Park in Santa Monica. The band wanted to keep the name “Lincoln Park” but since they […]

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IKEA Lets People Design Their Own Couches, And The Results Are Hilarious (30 Pics)

Using the What do you think? Scroll down below to check out a few examples for inspiration, and share your own designs in the comments! IKEA was founded by Swedish entrepreneur Ingvar Kamprad, who was always destined for big things from a very young age.  At just 5 years old young Ingvar was selling matches […]

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After This Cat Lost Its Limbs To Frostbite, People Set Him Up With 4 Prosthetic Ones

It is not news to hear that temperatures in Siberian Russia drop to severe lows once winter arrives. Though people are used to the extreme cold and have prepared for it through the years, not all animals are as resilient. Pets with frostbitten paws are not a rare sight in Siberia and unfortunately, most often, […]

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People Say I Cant Breathe To Siri And Google Assistant And Screenshot The Responses (20 Pics)

It’s undeniable that they have some pretty cool capabilities, but did you know that dark humor was one of them? People on Reddit shared the answers they received from their AI virtual assistants when they told them ‘I can’t breath’, and frankly this list deserves its own Black Mirror episode. Scroll down to read them […]

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