Meet Nova The German Shepherd And Pacco The Ferret, That Are The Unlikeliest Of Best Buds (28 Pics)

Diana said she first got Nova – Karamba Laukinė Vilkauogė. From the moment she got her, the woman introduced her to all kinds of animals, including rats, cats, and parrots. Diana spent quite some time teaching her pup to get along with everyone. When Nova became an adult, Diana set out to get the other […]

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People Are Posting Their Decade Transformations And Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones

The Here are some posts we liked—scroll down and have a look. Then share your thoughts, what you think of this trend, and how things have changed for you this decade in the comments below! #2 #3 But there’s no need to roast your former self, especially if you were a literal child in 2009. […]

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13-Year-Old Feels Entitled And Makes Fun Of Poor Kids, Mom Makes Him Wear Goodwill For A Week

This decline in emotional intelligence leads to people finding it more difficult to relate to others and consider alternative perspectives on life, makes us less able to listen and truly understand the problems that need to be solved as a society, and even robs us of the self-awareness needed to understand our own emotional responses. […]

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Guy Claiming Miss Scotland Pageant Looks Too White Gets Shut Down With Hilarious Comments

Iain Robertson from Glasgow took a shot at the racial makeup of the contestants by sharing a photo of them with a caption that read, “Delighted to see such a diverse lineup for Miss Scotland this year.” Yes, his post has accumulated over 4.6K likes. However, it has also received more than 6.2K comments, many […]

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Scientists Create An Algorithm That Removes Color Distortion From Underwater Photos And Here Are 8 Before And After Pics

Well, oceanographer Derya Akkaynak and engineer Tali Treibitz have created an algorithm called ‘Sea-thru’ (I’ll bet my right hand that this pun is definitely intended) that removes the water from underwater photographs. That way, you get all the hues and saturation that you’d expect from regular, professional landscape pics. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with […]

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Kids Are Left In Tears After Listening To Each Others Baggage During Teachers New Kindness Activity

One brilliant teacher who deeply cares about the kids in her class is Karen Wunderlich Loewe, an English Language Arts teacher at Collinsville Middle School, in Oklahoma. She cares about her students’ emotional and mental wellbeing so much, she tried out ‘The Baggage Activity’ in school, with astounding results. karen.loewe Kids anonymously wrote down what’s […]

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The Winners Of The 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Have Been Announced And They Will Crack You Up

Commenting on the good news, Sarah Skinner told the media: “I am absolutely delighted to be awarded the title as Overall Winner in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019. It certainly warms my heart to know that this image will spread some laughter and happiness around the world. I am happy to report that this […]

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Woman Says Shes Gonna Break The Law And Give Candy To Kids On Halloween In A Powerful Post

After Kaitlyn Ross, a reporter for NBC affiliate 11Alive in Atlanta, heard that neighborhoods and entire cities started prohibiting kids and teens from going candy hunting on the spookiest night of the year, she set out to inspire change. Kaitlyn said she will be the house handing out the good stuff. To just about everyone […]

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Artist Adds Dark Humor To His Comics That Look Innocent At First (30 Pics)

Ben took some art classes in high school and at the nearby community college, where he learned life-drawing and basic anatomy. “We were also taught to draw cars,” he said. “Cars are the bane of every cartoonist, so I’m glad that I was forced to draw them early.” Now, he’s using these skills to unleash […]

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2 Dogs Push Out And Get On The Roof, Neighbor Documents The Hilarious Attempts To Make Them Go Back Inside

Two dogs pushed out a screen window on the second floor of their owner’s house and ended up on the roof, right above the garage. Well, it turns out the canines were too busy having a ‘party’ on the roof and didn’t want to go back inside. Not even Scooby Snacks could do the trick! […]

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