Talented Young Artist Draws Incredibly Realistic Portrait Of Kevin Hart, Cant Believe He Actually Responds On Twitter

There are so many talented people out there, creating breathtaking works of art that deserve the attention of the whole world. But the art scene can be a snobby and fickle place, sometimes it seems that the right ‘names’ get far more attention than their talents merit. So it’s refreshing to see a truly gifted […]

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30 Adorable Employees Of The Week That This Contractor Met At The Houses He Works At

stairfaces at reasonable prices. But while you might be happy to have Fred come over and rip up your floors, creating clouds of dust with his shrill, noisy sander, what do the canine inhabitants think about this intrusion? I would bet that they are not impressed, and that’s putting it kindly. Scroll down to check […]

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30 Photos That Look Ordinary Until You Know The Backstory

Photography is a form of art that can freeze the emotions of the moment in time. The development of the art has influenced the world in remarkable ways and it provided people with power to define the eras they live in. protesting burning monk, or a distressing shot of a reply View More Replies… #2 […]

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Facebook And Instagram Go Down For Hours, People Use Their Free Time To Post Hilarious Reactions (30 Pics)

#2 #3 This isn’t Facebook’s first outage. In November the social network crashed due to a test the company itself was running. That breakdown lasted about 40 minutes. That same month, Facebook and Instagram were down for hours because of what Facebook said was a server configuration. This is, however, probably the biggest outage in Facebook’s history. The […]

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After Creating Over 30 Custom Profiles, Tinder Banned This Guy. Here Are Some Of The Funniest Ones

#2 But Jake enjoys making people laugh and the app seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. “I was looking for a girl that had a sense of humor (I’m a lot to put up with).” #4 “I want to try making similar profiles for other apps. It would be hilarious to make them […]

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Anti-Vaxx Mom Asks How To Stop Her Son From Getting Vaccines When He Turns 18, Gets Shut Down In The Comments

istockphoto/yacobchuk Well, Lindenberger’s mom is not alone. A woman turned to the internet for vaccine advice, but unlike the Ohio teen, this anti-vaxx mom was searching for ways on how to stop her almost-legal son from getting immunized once he became of age. explicitly banned the “promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses and […]

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Manager Receives An 8 Hours Notice To Fire All His Staff, Orders Pizza And Writes Recommendations For Everyone Instead

Some people say that only death and taxes are certain in this world, but for most of us mere mortals, finding some kind of job to pay off those expenses is also an inescapable reality. And while the majority of us try to find stability in our craft, it is a well-known fact that for […]

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A Petition To Sell Montana To Canada For 1 Trillion Dollars Is Gaining Attention With Hilarious Comments

Although it’s no secret that petitions can have the power to change the world (or someone’s life), most of us can’t help but shrug and scoff when we see someone share a rally for signatures on their social media. It’s mostly because the thousands of petitions circulating around usually have causes that are either ridiculous […]

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19 Portraits Of Oscar 2019 Attendees Taken After The Ceremony Ended

Lady Gaga Feb 25, 2019 at 1:22am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vanity Fair (@vanityfair) on The setting, however, perfectly preserved the tone of the occasion. Marble steps, a checkered floor, and an Art Deco-inspired window really highlighted what the Oscars mean to these people. Seliger also played with the […]

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30 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Wedding

#1 Getting your guests to honor the most ridiculous dress code is easy. If you lie to them. #3 Making a wedding work is easier than making a marriage work. True, you still have to compromise, but it involves a lot more cake. photobombing go together better than groomsmen and awkward speeches. #6 Wedding ceremony […]

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