This Interstellar Themed Restaurant Is Every Geeks Dream Come True

There are some people who tend to watch a film over and over, and over again if they really liked it. Sure, not all of them choose to make the commitment to visit a movie theatre every time they want to see their favorites again, we’re glad to say we live in perfect times for […]

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30 Hilarious Christmas Fails

Bored Panda compiled this mega-list of the very best Christmas fails and hilarious accidents that are sure to improve your mood and get your spirits up. After all, there’s nothing like a bit of laughter and comparing your situation to that of others to help you realize life isn’t as bad as it might seem. […]

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15 Celebrities Who Donated Generously To Help Australian Fire Services

Australia is currently being ravaged by bushfires that spread across the country as the regular bushfire season took an unexpected and severe turn. Unfortunately, so far an estimated 8.4 million hectares (21 million acres; 84,000 square kilometres; 32,000 square miles) were lost to flames, alongside 2,500 buildings (including over 1,900 houses). The fires took lives […]

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Guy Accidentally Leaves His Front Door Open, Gets Chosen By A Stray Dog Who Walked In At Night

The majority of people get a pet after long consideration, planning and a drive to the local shelter. Then they spend some time getting to know their four-legged companion and if things go well, the lucky pet becomes a member of the family. However, some people have completely different stories to tell of how they […]

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Two Guys Create The Married Kama Sutra, And Its Probably The Least Sexual Manual In The World

The Married Kama Sutra describes itself as the world’s least erotic manual. However, while the volume isn’t quite sexy, it’s absolutely hilarious. Created by Simon Rich and Farley Katz, the book explores how the kids, the dishwasher, and other nuisances transform a couple’s sex life. #2 Even though the Kama Sutra is the oldest surviving […]

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Here Are 30 Dog Facts That You Probably Didnt Know

Dogs are, perhaps, the most beloved animal in this world. Their key characteristics of loyalty and friendliness have long defined them as the perfect companion for humans and countless of funny videos, pictures, and art are there to back up that claim. However, there’s definitely more to them than just the title of a ‘man’s […]

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This Man Wrote To A Toy Company Asking For A Stuffed Aardvark As A Kid, The Company Delivers And Names The Plushie After Him

Recently, one thread on Twitter went viral in which a person asked people to tell stories about themselves that everybody thinks are lies. People shared the weirdest, the most incredible and the most bizarre experiences of theirs, but one particular story struck a chord with many Twitter users. A man named Clark Neily – a […]

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Guy Messages His Former Bully He Hasnt Spoken To In 15 Years, Posts His Reply Online

Social psychologist need for closure” in the 1990s. It describes our desire for a firm answer to a question that will alleviate confusion and ambiguity. When Marc. M Image credits: YeahMarkYeah People had a lot to say about their exchange Almost finished… To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent […]

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Trump Mocks Greta Thunberg For Being Times Person Of The Year, So She Changes Her Twitter Bio

Greta Thunberg is definitely a figure that most of the world has heard about. From her humble one-man efforts to raise awareness about climate change outside the Swedish parliament to her thunderous speech at the UN Summit, Greta has been the inspiring voice of her generation. Her efforts and powerful speeches have drawn plenty of […]

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25 Pies That Look Too Good To Eat, Including A Festive Baby Yoda

“I started baking pies for dietary reasons about 4 years ago. I had made a New Year’s Resolution not to eat any refined sugar or sugar substitutes for a year and became really desperate for some form of dessert that I could actually eat without cheating. I knew that I could theoretically make a decent […]

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