These 22 Pics Are Composed Of As Many Pixels As There Are Animals Still Alive In These Species

JJSmooth44 made a follow-up to their project and it’s just as powerful as the original. “I did it as a programming challenge,” JJSmooth44 wrote. JJSmooth44 endangered animals list. Image credits: Amur Tiger. Estimated about 450 remain JJSmooth44 Image credits: Bengal Tiger. Estimated about 2500 remain JJSmooth44 Image credits: Black Rhino. Estimated about 5000 remain JJSmooth44 […]

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40 Times People Posted Screenshots Of Complete BS Being Called Out

There’s even a whole subreddit dedicated to this noble quest, #23 Person Caught Lying Got Served! #24 Bites The Onion And Lies About TV Segment That Never Happened #25 “My Uncle From 1978” Not Quite #26 Your Phone Is Now Hacked #27 Not The Gospel Truth? #28 “Please Stop Using It” #29 Keanu Reeves, Mega […]

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Someone Asked Twitter Users To Share Their Last Dog Pictures And The Responses Are Absolutely Pawsome

If you love to look at adorable dog photos and videos than look no further because you’ve come to the right place. Recently, a twitter user asked people to share the last picture or video of dogs they took or saved to their phones. The thread was quickly filled the proud owners and dog lovers […]

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40 Times People Realized Theyre Living With A Monster And Just Had To Share The Evidence

#2 My Housemate Still Hasn’t Got Rid Of His Pumpkin From Halloween Clear Communication from the get-go. Even though this is one of the most important tips for any relationship, it’s vital for all roommates. You’ll be spending a lot of time with each other, and you’ll need to respect each other’s needs and preferences. […]

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Japanese Barber Shows Just How Much Difference A Good Haircut Can Make

trend.’ So what can you do? Hit the gym, maybe a tanning salon. Get a new outfit. However, as this talented Japanese barber proves, by far the most effective way of transforming your looks is getting a good haircut. Shou Otsuki is one of the staff barbers at Tokyo hair salon L. Dorado, and he […]

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15+ Ridiculous Vintage Bridesmaids Dresses That Show Just How Much Time Has Changed

#9 #10 #19 #20 #29 #30 #39 #40 Read more: http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-vintage-bridesmaids-dresses/

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20+ Times People Got Hilariously Bad Tattoos, And Didnt Even Realize It

As far as we can tell there will never be a lack of tattoo fails nor a shortage of people willing to share their embarrassment. Bored Panda has added a new list of tattoos that either didn’t go as planned or will make you question what goes through people’s minds. From bad artists who didn’t […]

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These 25+ Cute Baby Donkeys Are Everything You Need To See Today

Donkeys aren’t like horses at all; they differ physically, mentally and emotionally. Donkeys are more stoical in their behavior, startling less than horses. They are very social animals that simply adore company. Because of that, donkeys develop very strong emotional attachments with other animals. Scroll down meet these big-hearted baby plushies and upvote your favorites!

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20+ Funny Photos That Prove Men Never Grow Up

So while becoming a fully mature and responsible adult man is rightly what society expects of you, don’t forget to spare a little time for your inner child too. Life would be boring otherwise! We here at Bored Panda have compiled a list of guys doing just that, and you gotta admit, it is pretty […]

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Vegan Woman Forced Her Fennec Fox To Go Vegan, And Heres What Happened

According to experts, a fennec’s diet in the wild is comprised of about 90% animals and insects while the remaining 10% consists of various plants they dig up. Naturally, they need a lot of protein when living in captivity as well. Forcing her omnivore Jumanji on a vegan menu only, Sae has probably messed up […]

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