US to give up control of the internet’s ‘address book’ after years of debate

Stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has moved from the US government to an international group, but not everyone is happy about it As of Saturday morning the internet or at least the bit of it that manages the networks address book is no longer controlled by an American organization but by an international […]

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Canadian college to launch marijuana cultivation course next year

Students at a New Brunswick college will be trained to work at local companies that produce the drug but exact details of the program are still being worked out A college in the Canadian province of New Brunswick plans to institute a program on marijuana cultivation so that students can be trained to work at […]

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Fitness trackers do not increase activity enough to noticeably improve health

Study finds group using wearable fitness tracker did show improved levels of physical activity over a year but not enough to improve health, say researchers Wearable trackers may not increase activity levels enough to significantly benefit health, researchers have said. Pedometers are unlikely to be a panacea for rising rates of chronic disease, experts said […]

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Kaine and Pence: two Catholic-inspired visions with little else in common

Both VP nominees were raised as Catholics but while Democrat Kaine was influenced by liberation theology, Pence was born again as an evangelical Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were born just a year apart and grew up in the kind of traditional Irish Catholic families that went to mass regularly and revered John F Kennedy. […]

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Zika funding falls short but will be well spent, health officials say

(CNN)Rest assured, America: The billion dollars Congress just gave the fight on Zika will be well spent, even if it’s not enough and much too late. That’s the message from Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell and key public health officials Monday. Everything you need to know about Zika “There is a reason […]

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Wildlife sanctuary free to good owner as long as you care for the animals

Harry Kunz casts nationwide net after a fruitless five-year search for a successor at Eagles Nest wildlife hospital Having fielded various indecentproposals for his north Queensland wildlife sanctuary over the years, Harry Kunz has now extended a very decent one of his own. Kunz wants to give away his two-hectare sanctuary and house on the […]

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Court rejects Pence’s efforts to deter refugees as ‘nightmare speculation’

Donald Trumps running mate, the governor of Indiana, has sought to prevent resettlement of Syrian people on the basis of terrorism fears A federal appeals court has issued a stinging ruling dismissing as nightmare speculation Indiana governor Mike Pences attempt to deter efforts launched by Donald Trumps running mate in the wake of last Novembers […]

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Sex offender’s $4m lawsuit against his victim thrown out in California court

The case sparked national outrage when the 26-year-old man filed a defamation suit after his victim and her family called him a rapist on Facebook A sex offender who sued his victim for $4m had his case thrown out in a California court on Monday, a decision advocates hope will discourage perpetrators from filing lawsuits […]

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Canada closes tax loophole to cool down overheated housing markets

Finance minister outlines measures to rein in foreign speculators after house prices in Vancouver and Toronto have doubled in last decade The Canadian government has announced a handful of measures aimed at dampening demand in its red-hot housing markets, including closing a tax loophole used by some foreign speculators. Canadian authorities are facing growing pressure […]

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Clinton hammers Trump on taxes: he ‘represents the rigged system’

Speaking in Ohio, the Democratic presidential nominee says Trump was taking from America with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill Hillary Clinton skewered opponent Donald Trump on Monday as a phony prophet of the working class amid revelations that the real estate mogul may have avoided paying federal income taxes […]

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