Republicans struggle to explain Trump’s fondness for ‘murderer and thug’ Putin

Many senators returning from the summer recess distanced themselves from Trumps comments praising the Russian president in a national security forum One day after Donald Trump reiterated his admiration for Vladimir Putin, saying the Russian president was a better leader than Barack Obama, Republicans on Capitol Hill struggled to explain why their partys presidential nominee […]

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Up to 20 marines could face disciplinary action over Muslim recruit’s death

Raheel Siddiqui investigation could lead to criminal or disciplinary actions as marine corps finds recurrent verbal and physical abuse by drill instructors As many as 20 marines could face criminal or disciplinary actions after investigation into the death of a Muslim recruit from Michigan found a multitude of policy and procedural violations, including alleged physical […]

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Design revealed for new arts venue at the World Trade Center

The translucent marble and glass cube-shaped Ronald O Perelman Performing Arts Center will open in 2020 A design of translucent marble and glass was unveiled yesterday for a long-stalled performing arts venue at the World Trade Center. Singer Barbra Streisand is to serve as the chair of the board of the Ronald O Perelman Performing […]

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Ex-head of Argentina air force sentenced in 1978 abduction of activist couple

Omar Graffigna, 90, was sentenced for the murders of Jos Manuel Prez Rojo and Patricia Roisinblit, whose son was handed over to air force operatives The ageing former head of Argentinas air force has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for the abduction and disappearance of a married couple of young activists during this […]

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US forces attempted to rescue two hostages kidnapped in Kabul

Pentagon says Obama authorized mission to rescue American and Australian who were seized from their car, but forces were unable to locate the captives US forces in Afghanistan attempted to rescue two hostages last month, the Pentagon said on Thursday, but were unable to locate the two captives, who were professors from the American University […]

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Hillary Clinton opens up about sexism in new Humans of New York post

I know that I can be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional, but I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions, Clinton said on the popular blog As a young woman applying to law school, Hillary Clinton learned a hard, everlasting lesson in gender dynamics that would help shape her […]

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Prince Buster, ska pioneer, dies aged 78

The first Jamaican to have a top 20 hit in the UK, he defined the sound of ska in the 60s before going on to inspire the Two Tone movement of the late 70s Ska legend Prince Buster, who created records such One Step Beyond and Madness, died on Thursday at the age of 78. […]

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Supreme court temporarily blocks subpoena over sex ads on

John Roberts has blocked a congressional subpoena that seeks information on how the classified advertising website screens ads for possible sex trafficking The supreme court chief justice, John Roberts, on Tuesday temporarily blocked a congressional subpoena that seeks information on how the classified advertising website screens ads for

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Made for History: Anna Wintour hosts fashion fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Fashion show and rooftop party in Manhattan featured black ballerinas strutting the catwalk in Diane Von Furstenberg T-shirts and a dozen skateboarders A red taffeta ballgown skirt worn with a grey T-shirt declaring Hillary in beading on the front and 2016 on the back might not be your typical catwalk combination, but at a fundraiser […]

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Air China magazine condemned over ‘racist’ guide to London

MPs seek apology from ambassador after inflight guide states precautions are needed in ethnic minority areas MPs have urged Chinas UK ambassador to intervene in a row over racist comments reportedly issued by a Chinese airline about ethnic minority areas of Haze Fan (@journohaze) @MayorofLondon think? @SeamusConwell September 7, 2016 Air China magazine warns […]

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