Mouse: The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought review Daniel Kitson charms with tale of loneliness

The awkward monologuist offers up a compelling and, at times, excitingly unpredictable one-man show about a small, furry protagonist The star of Mouse: The Persistence of an Unlikely Thought at St Anns Warehouse is a small, furry creature the monologuist Daniel Kitson. Awkward of manner and lisping of voice, with thick-lensed glasses and an erratically […]

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Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo: who are the potential Trump cabinet picks?

As the Trump transition grinds on, three new names have surfaced as potential fits for top jobs. None is without controversy Jeff Sessions Sessions, who is reportedly being tipped for a job in Donald Trumps cabinet, perhaps as attorney general or secretary of defence, is known as one of the most rightwing and anti-immigration members […]

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Trump says transition going so smoothly

Got a minute? Trump team downplays reports of confusion … You dont form a federal government overnight … and everything else today in US politics. By Tom McCarthy Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2016/nov/16/trump-transition-team-going-smoothly

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Tom Hanks and Michael Jordan among Obama’s last Medal of Freedom picks

Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross and Ellen DeGeneres also among 21 athletes, philanthropists and entertainers chosen to receive highest civilian honor in US In one of his final acts in office, Barack Obama selected key figures in sports, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, activism, academia and entertainment among the 21 people who will be awarded the 2016 Presidential Medal […]

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Long-lasting pill that releases drugs for two weeks a ‘game-changer’

Pioneering slow-release pill could end repeat doses and help Alzheimers patients and mass treatment campaigns A pill that releases its medicine for two weeks after being swallowed is being hailed as a potential game-changer in drug treatment. In future, similar forms of longterm oral drug delivery could put an end to regimens requiring numerous repeat […]

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Farc guerrillas killed in combat days after new peace deal with government

Two sides finalized a revised deal over the weekend that aims to end 52 years of conflict that has killed more than 220,000 and displaced millions Two guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of a new peace deal was signed to end a half century of fighting. Colombias government and

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Canada mother calls for ban of indigenous ceremonies in schools

British Columbia parent says spiritual smudging ceremony violated religious freedom and asks supreme court to ban expressions of religion in public schools A mother in British Columbia has lodged a legal challenge against her local school district, alleging that an aboriginal ceremony at her childrens school infringed on the familys right to religious freedom. Candice […]

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A new era: our elections now will be decided by hackers and leaked data

WikiLeaks and a network of anonymous hackers have become a major influence but are they enhancing our democracy or undermining it? A new and disturbing factor emerged during this presidential election, and one that may change elections forever: democracies are now at the mercy of hacking and surveillance technology and those who control it. blamed […]

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Washington’s Max Scherzer, Boston’s Rick Porcello win Cy Young Awards

Nationals pitcher becomes sixth to win Cy Young Awards in both leagues while Red Sox hurled wins AL honor by narrow margin Rick Porcello of the Boston Red Sox has won the AL Cy Young Award by a narrow margin and Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals has taken the NL prize. Porcello led the […]

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Ahmad Khan Rahami indicted over bombings in New York and New Jersey

Rahami faces eight counts for detonation of a bomb in New York Citys Chelsea neighborhood and the bombing of a charity race in New Jersey on 17 September An indictment has been returned charging a New Jersey man with setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York. The eight-count indictment announced on Wednesday charges […]

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