MPs deny foreign aid cash being ‘wasted’ – BBC News

In the report, MPs backed the decision to commit to spending 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid. The 0.7% target, which was enshrined in law in 2015, has been criticised by some MPs and some aid projects have faced fierce criticism in media coverage. UK aid: Generosity or wasted spending? Does the UK give more […]

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Bowel cancer tool to boost diagnosis in under-50s – BBC News

The NHS provides testing for people between 60 and 74 every two years. But experts say when it comes to those under 50, people do not act on their symptoms quickly enough. Urgent colonoscopy The new risk assessment tool – which is based on research by University of Exeter and was funded by the Department […]

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New 1 coin’s ‘hidden’ security feature – BBC News

It will replace the existing 1 coin, of which about one in 40 are thought to be fake. “It’s been designed to be fit for the future, using security features that aim to safeguard our currency, and currencies around the world, for years to come,” said Adam Lawrence, chief executive of the Royal Mint. Media […]

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MSPs to back call for Scottish independence vote – BBC News

Follow the debate on Holyrood Live Ms Sturgeon wants the backing of the Scottish Parliament in pursuing a “Section 30” order from the UK government. The power to call a referendum is reserved to Westminster, and this order would transfer the authority to hold a vote to Holyrood. The debate on the motion started a […]

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Devon farmer challenges Tesco over promotional picture – BBC News

Image caption Martin Godfrey received an apology from Tesco, which was using the image to promote a campaign aimed at tackling food waste Mr Godfrey, from Okehampton, Devon, said the picture was originally taken when he was working for Shillingford Organics near Exeter, but was later sold on as a stock image. Related Topics Tesco […]

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Tensions flare as Greece tells Turkey it is ready to answer any provocation

War of words between neighbours prompts defence experts to express fears of accident in region spiralling out of control Fears of tensions mounting in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean Seas reignited after the Turkish president raised the prospect of a referendum on accession talks with the EU and the Greek defence minister said the country […]

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Man accused of killing black man in ‘practice run’ charged with terrorism

James Jackson who is accused of attacking Timothy Caughman from behind with a sword in New York said he intended to deter interracial relationships A white suspectaccused of the fatal stabbing of a black man on a Manhattan street has been indicted on a charge of murder as an act of terrorism. James Harris Jackson, […]

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Samsung to sell ‘refurbished’ Galaxy Note 7 phones

Company trying to manage stockpile of four million handsets that were recalled after battery explosions Samsung has announced it will refurbish and sell some of the millions of batteries could overheat and burst into flames. Authorities in the US and elsewhere

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No Lights, no Lorde: impersonator dupes Auckland partygoers

Convincing impersonator found to be behind surprise live performance by super ultra special guest at lights-off New Zealand dance party New Zealand has been sent in a tailspin after a surprise performance by Lorde at an Auckland public library was found to have been by a convincing impersonator. The pop star was widely reported by […]

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‘Fake research’ comes under scrutiny – BBC News

Stephen Metcalfe, the committee’s chairman, said it was vitally important that people have confidence in research that is paid for by public funds. “Where research has been found to be fraudulent at a later point it has a big impact on the public – it leads to mistrust,” he told BBC News. “What we want […]

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