Protesters throw Pepsi cans at police during May Day demonstrations

Medic hit and demonstration shut down as protesters mock theme of Kendall Jenner advertisement where she handed drink to police officer A May Day protest in Portland has been shut down after demonstrators threw full cans of Pepsi at officers, with one hitting a medic, according to police in the US city. On Monday, as […]

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Greece reaches deal with creditors to pave way for bailout talks

Euclid Tsakalotos says negotiations are concluded and agreement has been reached ahead of meeting with eurozone ministers at the end of May Greece has reached a preliminary deal with its creditors that should pave the way for long-awaited International Monetary Fund the government agreed earlier this month to adopt another 3.6bn ($3.8bn) in cuts in […]

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Sugarhill Gang: how we made Rapper’s Delight

Id heard this word hip-hop and just started going: Hip-hop hippie to the hippie to the hip-hip hop Guy Master Gee OBrien, songwriter-rapper When I was in 10th grade in New Jersey, I went to a party and heard someone talking rhythmically through a mic. Thats rapping, he said. Thats what theyre doing in New […]

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US border officers lock up Australian man after he overstayed visa by one hour

Baxter Reid, who was in the US on a five-year visa, arrested at Canadian border after delays receiving clearance meant he breached his visa conditions An Australian man has been handcuffed and locked up in a US detention centre after apparently breaching his visa conditions by just over one hour. Sydney man Baxter Reid, 26, […]

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Where oil rigs go to die

The long read: When a drilling platform is scheduled for destruction, it must go on a thousand-mile final journey to the breakers yard. As one rig proved when it crashed on to the rocks of a remote Scottish island, this is always a risky business It was night, stormy, and the oil rig Transocean Winner […]

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Separatism fears grow in Belgium as German speakers assert themselves

Rebrand of community into Ostbelgien causes alarm in Wallonia, but ministers insist they have no plans to leave At the Mattar bakery in Eupen, the apprentice master baker Veronica Mes presides over the goods on sale: dark German rye loaves, buttery French croissants and sweet Belgian waffles. The variety is no accident. Eupen is a […]

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Mexicos lost generation of young girls robbed of innocence and education

Study reveals rising number of Mexican girls in relationships and marriages with older men and casts fresh light on causes of child marriage in Latin America Hundreds of thousands of young girls across Mexico are being driven into relationships and marriages with older men, denying them a childhood and an education, new research reveals. Of […]

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Amid the rubble, Aleppo tries to return to normal life

Even though conditions are dire, the remaining citizens of the once thriving city are trying to pick up the pieces of their former lives Near Aleppos ancient citadel, the scent of rose and jasmine rises from the rubble of a half-destroyed shop covered in bullet holes. Months ago it was a battleground, but for years […]

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21st Century Fox ‘in talks’ to buy television station group Tribune Media

Rupert Murdoch-controlled empire is teaming up with buyout firm Blackstone to bid for the owner of 39 TV stations, reports say 21st Century Fox is in talks with private equity giant Blackstone to buy Tribune Media, one of Americas largest television station operators, sources familiar with the matter have said. Blackstone would provide the cash […]

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Pleas weak, qualms are heavy: Eminem copyright case plays out in New Zealand court

Rapper filed proceedings against National party in 2014 for allegedly using an unlicensed version of his song in an election campaign advertisement Eminems hit Lose Yourself has been played to a New Zealand court tasked with determining whether the National party infringed the rappers copyright in a 2014 election campaign advertisement. Eminem television advertisement campaigning […]

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