Gag me: Trump’s anti-abortion executive order

(CNN)Here we go again. The bad old days of United States foreign assistance are coming back, now that President Donald Trump signed an executive order reinstating the global gag rule on overseas discussion of abortion by individuals and organizations receiving federal funding. We have been here twice before — under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George […]

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How to hold a fashion show in a war zone

(CNN)Nothing can stop Akuja de Garang, not even war. The 41-year-old is the brain behind the Festival of Fashion and Arts for Peace in South Sudan, an annual festival that promotes and celebrates South Sudanese culture. A curfew followed by a restriction on movement meant the festival didn’t take place last year but De Garang […]

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Political Correctness in Sports and why I left…

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Mike Flynn: Trump team’s weakest link

(CNN)As President Donald J. Trump’s national security team falls into place, there has been much focus on the substance of what some are calling a “Trump Doctrine” that emerged during his inaugural speech: America First. The phrase itself is controversial, evoking memories of WWII’s America First Committee and its anti-Semitic founders, and as specific policy […]

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Trump White House warns against Beijing ‘takeover’ of South China Sea

Press secretary Sean Spicer hints at tougher US line on international waterway, after Rex Tillerson likens Chinas island-building to Russias taking of Crimea The United States will take steps to foil Chinese efforts to take over the South China Sea, the White House has indicated, amid growing hints that Donald Trumps administration intends to challenge […]

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China abandoning rule of law, human rights lawyers say

Group of leading lawyers and judges expresses grave concern over the detention of legal professionals Top human rights lawyers say Xi Jinpings China is moving farther and farther away from the rule of law amid new claims about torture of Chinese attorneys Michael Mansfield QC and Clive Stafford Smith – called on China to release […]

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Fossils of wolf-sized otter unearthed in China

Siamogale melilutra, which grew up to 2 metres long, frolicked in the countrys south-western wetlands about 6.2m years ago Scientists have unearthed fossils of an otter as big as a wolf that frolicked in rivers and lakes in a lush, warm and humid wetlands region in south-western China about 6.2m years ago. The outsized otter, […]

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Thousands of refugee children sleeping rough in sub-zero Serbia, says UN

Refugee facilities in Belgrade, where it is -15C, have been described as worse than the jungle in Calais by aid workers Hundreds of new refugees and migrants, many of them children, are arriving in Serbia every day despite the prospect of sleeping rough in sub-zero temperatures and reports of violent treatment, Save the Children has […]

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The Polka King review Jack Black shines in a weirdly enjoyable film

Based on the life of disgraced a polka sensation, Jacki Weaver, Jason Schwartzman and Jenny Slate round out a wacky comedy thats full of heart There are three things you can always count on: death, taxes and that any movie with Jason Schwartzman playing a clarinet cant be all bad. The Polka King, a return […]

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Stan Wawrinka v Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: Australian Open quarter-final live!

Game-by-game report: who will be the first man into the final four at Melbourne Park? Find out with Russell Jackson Read more:

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