One Half Of NASA’s Twin Astronaut Study Is Running For The Senate

Mark Kelly, astronaut, naval aviator, and husband to former member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords, has announced he is running to be US Senator for Arizona, putting science at the center of his campaign. Kelly’s biography has so many features media outlets don’t know which to highlight, but to IFLScience he is most notable for being […]

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Founder of Deciem Skin Care Company Dies At 40

An executive at the company confirmed Truaxe’s death in an email to “I can’t believe I am typing these words. Brandon has passed away over the weekend. Heartbroken doesn’t come close to how I, and how I know many of you will be feeling,” read the email, which also indicated that the company’s “offices, warehouses, […]

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Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Turns On Trump: Pelosi Just Whipped Him

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has “just whipped the President of the United States,” the “Lou Dobbs Tonight” host told his guests, former acting ICE director Thomas Homan and former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka. “It will be perceived as such on every television monitor and screen in the country,” he added. “And to deny it is to […]

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Earths Magnetic Field Is Played Like A Drum By Solar Plasma

The Earth’s magnetic field is shaped by the complex motion of molten metals in the Earth’s core and by interactions with electric particles coming from the Sun. The boundaries of the field are constantly shifting and researchers have found evidence to suggest that the edge of the magnetosphere can vibrate like a drum. This idea […]

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The Evolution of Military (U.S) Role in Space

The Evolution of Military (U.S) Role in Space The military (United States) role in space is continually evolving for reasons that include the growth in space capabilities outside of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the severe budget pressures in the department. During the Cold War in Europe, commercial communications satellites (Comsats) were procured by […]

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Anthony Scaramucci Lasts Half A Scaramucci Inside ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House

Anthony Scaramucci has reportedly exited CBS’ “Celebrity Big Brother” house after just six days. “I just left the ‘Big Brother’ house,” Scaramucci was He wouldn’t divulge what led him to leave the reality show residence. You have to tune in on Friday to understand what happened,” he said in video published by TMZ. “So, unfortunately, I […]

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The Offshore Money Flow Solution

The Offshore Money Flow Solution It’s become more and more difficult to bank in privacy these days, thanks to the witch-hunt of OECD and FATF under the guise of money laundering and terrorism. What a wonderful story to cover the real purpose of their; to take the privacy away from people, to control and to […]

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How To Change Your Phone Settings So Apple And Google Can’t Track Your Movements

Technology companies have been pummeled by revelations about how poorly they protect their customers’ personal information, including an in-depth New York Times report detailing the ability of smartphone apps to track users’ locations. Some companies, most notably Apple, have begun promoting the fact that they sell products and services that safeguard consumer privacy. Smartphone users […]

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CDC Warning People (Again) Not To Drink Raw Milk After 19 States On High Alert For Deadly Bacteria

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has had to issue yet another warning against drinking raw milk last week. The reason – 19 states are now on high alert for the Brucella strain RB51, a potentially deadly bacteria linked to unpasteurized dairy. The strain is resistant to first-line drugs and its similarity (symptom-wise) to the […]

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Creepy Bug Allowed Apple Users To “Wiretap” FaceTime Calls

Apple users have pointed out a bug on Facetime that allowed callers to eavesdrop on the person they were calling even if the recipient didn’t pick up, just like an “instant wiretap”. The flaw was first highlighted by a Twitter user last week who said their teenage son stumbled across “a major security flaw” that allows users […]

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