UN Reveals World’s Happiest Countries Report. Where Does Your Country Rank?

The UN’s annual World Happiness Report has just been released to coincide with International Happiness Day today, and there are some surprising and some not so surprising rankings this year. The annual report, in its seventh year, ranks 156 countries on six key variables that influence our happiness: freedom, income, life expectancy, social support, generosity, […]

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Jameela Jamil just called out Khloe Kardashian for promoting dangerous beauty standards.

What you see isn’t always what you get, especially on Instagram. Celebrities who post fit photos of themselves while shilling diet products did not get that way because of the diet product. When celebrities ignore the fact they got into shape with the help of personal trainers, healthy eating, and good old fashion Photoshop, they […]

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Russian Government Says It Will Release Orcas And Belugas Detained In “Whale Jail”

A spokesperson from the Russian government has announced plans to release dozens of belugas and orcas thought to be illegally held in “whale jails” off the Pacific Coast – though they are yet to confirm exactly when that will be.  Drone footage emerged last November, showing more than 100 cetaceans cooped up inside cramped underwater […]

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From self-harm to terrorism, online recommendations cast a deadly shadow | John Naughton

The tragic case of Molly Russell has highlighted their malign influence My eye was caught by a headline in Wired magazine: Custodians of the Internet, Gillespies excellent book on the moderation of online content, I might also be interested in Safiya Umoja Nobles Molly Russell, the young teenager who sought out images of self-harm before […]

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The school-to-prison pipeline is getting worse for black and brown girls | Jaquira Daz

In the US, black and Latinx girls are disproportionately punished and assaulted by school administrators for simple infractions such as showing emotions More than 20 years ago, when I was a 12-year-old queer kid coming to terms with her sexuality, I ran away from home. It was after school had let out for the summer, […]

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I Am Not A Drama Queen, I Have Anxiety

The first time I thought I had anxiety was when I was in college when everyone around me was anxious; the stress of living away from home, overdue assignments, complications in romantic relationships, unexplained weight gain, and feeling inadequate about everything. At least, my college years were simpler because social media had not taken over. […]

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Japanese researchers release a new device that redefines breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding has astronomical benefits for infants, but it can be extremely difficult in the early stages. Nursing an infant can be mentally and emotionally taxing for nursing parents, a factor that discourages many. Even though breast milk is full of health benefits, it’s not always fun or possible. And while The World Health Organization advises […]

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Vegan pastry takes national pie-ze

“We’re so thrilled at the level of success our vegan pie has had,” he said. Image copyright British Pie Awards 2019 Image caption Pies of all kinds from all over the country were entered into the competition Other new categories this year included a specialist fish and chip shop pie and best young pie maker. […]

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Nicollette Sheridan Shames Former ‘Desperate Housewives’ Costar Felicity Huffman Over ‘Disgraceful’ College Bribery Scandal! – Perez Hilton

The 55-year-old actress opened up to Access in an interview published Monday to promote her new role in Dynasty, and she had some harsh words for her former Desperate Housewives costar regarding “We don’t know the facts. But we could be extremely disturbed by the entitlement, the power, the money that could take away from […]

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‘Captain Marvel’ Soars To $153 Million Launch At Box Office

“Captain Marvel” took in $302 million internationally, giving it an estimated global opening weekend of $455 million ― the sixth highest global debut of all time. “Captain Marvel” will wind up with the 18th biggest domestic opening weekend of all time. Disney’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has the 17th-highest launch frame with $155.1 […]

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