7 Things No One Tells You About Having Your First Child

Get ready, expectant parents. Pretty soon, these are just going to be facts of life. 1. You start craving the open road: Dont be too surprised when you begin feeling the urge to pack your car with nothing more than a suitcase and a guitar, ready to see where that American highway takes you. 2. […]

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Doing His Part: When This Man Found A Severed Leg On The Beach, He Started Using It To Point People In The Direction Of The Public Library

Prepare to be inspired. Far too often, people neglect how great of a resource our libraries really are. But not Jeffrey King, a 34-year-old man from Charleston, SC, who just did the most amazing thing to promote literacy in his community: When Jeffrey found a severed leg on the beach, he started using it to […]

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Lessons From A Master: Check Out Gregg Popovichs 5 Basketball Tips For Young Players

Whether you know him as Pop, Coach, or simply 67-year-old San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, the NBAs longest-tenured coach is a well of knowledge and wisdom. Read on to learn the five biggest pieces of advice he has for budding basketball players. 1. Smart Defense Is Good Defense: Reach out and ask your man […]

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I Would Love To Get Reparations, But African Americans Should Get Them First

As a white American, I will never know just how deeply the horrifying legacies of slavery affect African Americans. Yes, slavery ended over 150 years ago, but injustices against African Americans persisted throughout the Jim Crow era and continue to this day. This is why I feel very strongly that when it comes to reparations, […]

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Beautiful: Man Stands 5 Feet Away From The Salad Bar While Browsing

Wow. The majesty of this moment is almost impossible to express with words. Check it out! Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/video/beautiful-man-stands-5-feet-away-salad-bar-while-b-4343

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Scandal, Maybe? Anonymous Just Released The Names Of All The People Who Worked At Kohls In 2003

The hacktivist network Anonymous sent shockwaves around the internet this morning with its latest announcement, which in theory, could have wide-ranging implications, but honestly, its pretty tough to tell: At 8 a.m. EST, Anonymous released the names of all the people who worked at Kohls in 2003. Well, this is officially bad for the department […]

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Deep-Fried Smores Are An Indulgent Twist On A Summer Classic

So many of us have great memories of sitting around a campfire on a summer night. Maybe it was a long time ago at summer camp, or maybe it was just the other day with friends and family. And if you were really into it, you probably made some s’mores, those classic marshmallow, chocolate, and […]

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Doggy Ice Pops Are A Delicious Summer Treat Your Pup Will Love

Nothing hits the spot on a dreadfully hot summer day quite like a delicious ice cream cone or ice pop. These treats are such a simple way to cool off,and enjoy something sweet and tasty. However, our adorable pups are not quite aslucky as we are. They’ve never been able to snack on an ice […]

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Fried Mac And Cheese Balls Are Your New Favorite Snack

If theres one food I could eat every day for the rest of my life without getting bored, its probably mac and cheese. Theres just nothing more satisfying and delicious than a big old plate of mac and cheese, piping hot and ready to eat! Bonus points, of course, if it was made with love […]

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Pia Colada French Toast: A Taste Of Summer Every Morning!

When it comes to my ideal breakfast, Ive always preferred savory to sweet. That said, I love finding a new recipe that helps me break out of my typical breakfast holding pattern and discover a new favorite morning meal. For example, bacon and eggs may be my default, but these cinnamon rollpancakes revolutionized how I […]

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