Carpenters Build Incredible Jungle Gym For Cats

Recently, I was told I crossed into crazy cat lady territory. Apparently if you have three or more cats, youofficially qualify. A week ago, I adopted kitten number three into my fur family, and crazy or not, I couldn’t be happier. Adding to the craziness, contractors have been coming in and out of my new […]

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Ten Clever Ways To Use Your Old Tea Bags

There’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea. It’s a great way to start your morning, end your meal, or settle in for the night. And with all the different kinds of tea, there’s a tea for everyone, any time of day. But when you’re done with your cup, you often have a soggy […]

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Belgian Waffle Cake Is The Perfect Dessert For Breakfast Lovers!

I love waffles for breakfast in the morning, but Ive never seen the logic behind not eating them at all hours of the day and night! As a result, Im a huge advocate of spectacular culinary innovations like the savory tater tot waffle, and any other variation on the waffle shape. Of course, its not […]

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Cheeseburger Baked Potato: A New Twist On A Cookout Classic

Theres something about eating outside that makes food taste extra delicious. Maybe thats the explanation behind everyones favorite summer pastime: a good, old-fashioned barbecue! After all, its hard to watch a summer weekend pass by without pulling out the grill and getting a few burgers and hot dogs going, especially if youre thinking about trying […]

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Eggplant Parmesan Cups Put A Yummy Twist On An Italian Favorite

Eggplant Parmesan has always been one of my favorite dishes. As someone who loves to cook, but doesn’t necessarily possess the culinary skills to make anything too challenging, I’vefound eggplant Parmesan to be a recipe that is right up my alley. However, I’ve now come across a fun, new twist on this traditional dish, that […]

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Doggy Heat Strokes: How To Prevent, Identify, And Treat Them

Summer is here and that means that we have to start keeping cool in the rising heat. As humans, we can easily do this by wearing appropriate summer clothing, drinking plenty of water, or cranking up the AC. But for our four-legged friends, it’s a little bit more difficult to cool down in the heat,which […]

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Couple Loses A Combined 380 Pounds After Doctors Warning

When Grant and Chantelle Fleming first met, they quickly bonded over their shared obsession: food. They were both consideredoverweight, and at one point, the couple evenupgraded theirrefrigerator to better accommodate the large amountthey consumedeach day. The Melbourne-based couple was eating takeout at least twice a day and snacking on family-size candy bars. By the time […]

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Girl Who Lost Her Leg To Cancer Learns To Dance Again

Gabi Shull began dancing when she was just 6years old. For three years, she followed her passion until one fateful day in 2011 when she fell while ice-skating. At first, Shull and her parents thought her bruised knee was a result of the fall. They didn’t think much of it. After a few weeks, however, […]

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Gratitude: Why We Should Always Be Thankful

We have all heard the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” Many of usaspire to have more in life, or we wish that certain things about our lives were different. But it is important to remember that while the grass mayseemgreener on the other side, there is so […]

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U.S. Navy Band Performs Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World

With an enormous respect for our military and a deep appreciation for music, the U.S. Navy Band has been performing6,000 times a year since 1925. They travel across the country and even around the world in order to spread a very important message through the power of song. According to the organization, only 1.7 percent […]

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