Teen Takes His Acoustic Guitar Performance To An Amazing New Level

Acousticinstruments have a long-held reputation for producing soothing, calm tunes that you regularly hear inside a coffee shop or a quiet study hall. The gentle strum of a guitar or twang of a banjo always seems to make our moods more relaxed. Personally, I think of country and folk artists like Willie Nelson plucking away […]

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DIY Tiki Torches Are An Adorable Way To Keep Bugs Away

Summer nights areperfect for lounging out on the porch, looking at the stars, and unwinding. And it’s even better with some friends, some snacks, and maybe a glass of wine. What it’s not better with, though, are all the curious and hungry bugs that come swooping in for a snack that is, you. These bugs […]

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11 Times The Washcloth Brothers Were So Hot You Almost Forgot How To Breathe

Someone get us an oxygen maskthis is seriously too much hotness to handle. 1. When they wiped a basketball with their washcloths and youd never been more jealous of a phone in your life. 2. When they showed their silly side and your heart melted into a pile of putty. 3. When they made Blake […]

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Okay, Which One Of You Guy Fawkes Motherfuckers Switched Out These Cute Koala Pics For Wet Koala Pics?

We know it was one of you dickless little cyber goons. Reveal yourself, fucko. You sons of bitches. You Anonymous, hacking pieces of shit. You crept into our code and switched out our adorable picture of a koala munching on some leaves with this disgusting picture of a soaking-wet koala. How dare you. How fucking […]

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Find Out What Corinne Bailey Rae, Jack Nicholson, And Carrie Coon Have To Say

Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day: “Go to Bed Bath & Beyond and buy a lamp. On your way out, scream Im stealing this lamp! Theyll stop you, but ultimately they cant do […]

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End Of An Era: The Blue Whale That Hangs From The Ceiling Of The Museum Of Natural History Has Died

Anyone who has ever stepped foot in the American Museum of Natural History certainly remembers the enormous live whale hanging majestically over the main floor. She was an icon, the friendliest of faces welcoming visitors to the museum, but sadly, the city of New York must bid her farewell today. According to museum representatives, the […]

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Toddler Cant Get Enough Of The Baby On His Diaper Packaging

Recently,Rose Bennett ran out of her son Ben’s normal diapers. When her localWalmart also didn’t have any in stock, shegrabbed different diapersand headed home, no harm no foul. However, the next morning, whilst changing her son’s diaper, she caught him staring at the differentdiaper packaging, eyes totally transfixed. These new diapers had a different-looking baby […]

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Couple Transforms Old Van Into Incredible Mobile Home

When the open road recently beckoned two avid adventurers, they decided to answer its call, leave their humdrum daily grinds behind, and trekout into the great unknown. Instructables userCourt and his soon-to-be bride Jess have been craving adventure for quite a while. In time, the couple saved up enough money to cash in on a […]

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Dad-To-Be Creates Moon-Shaped Baby Crib

Nesting is such a lovely partof any parent-to-be’s preparation process. When Instructables userlvdst1was getting ready for hisbaby’s birth, he spent a long time contemplating his newborn’s crib. He decided early on that his darling would not be sleeping in just any old crib from the store. This proud papa would build his new child a […]

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Apple Cages Make For An Impressive But Very Easy Dessert!

Rich and chocolatey desserts are awesome, but sometimes, you just want something a little different. One of the classic alternatives, if you’re looking for something homey, hearty, and even a little bit healthy but still sweet and indulgent is the baked apple. The great thing about baked apples is that they can be made as […]

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