Find Out What Gwen Stefani, Jeff Goldblum, And Grace Jones Have To Say

Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day: “A racehorse cant do push-ups, yet a racehorse has won the Kentucky Derby every single year since it first started back in 1875. Me? I can do […]

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My Mother Is The Strongest Person I Know, But Shes Powerless At Sea

It took me a long time to really see just how special my mother is. As Ive grown older, Ive realized how truly rare it is to have a mom like mine. Shes a seemingly indestructible pillar of love and energy, and shes absolutely the strongest person I know, but she is utterly powerless at […]

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Player 2 – not required

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Mini Putin Dump.

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this is why dogs are awesome

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Games To Play With Your Dogs To Improve Their Health

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to always look out forour pups’ health. And as long as we keep them healthy and happy, they will provide us with an unending supply of love and appreciation. Most of us know to be on the lookout for signs that something may be wrong with our canines, […]

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Tiny House Living Inspires Man To Create Entire Community Of Cottages

Ben Rawson was working on a farm when his living situation suddenly changed. He was forced to move himself, his wife, and his 3-year-old daughter out of their home. Although he had few resources, he came up with a plan. He would build a temporary tiny home for his family to stay in until they […]

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Firefighter Who Pulled A Baby To Safety Attends Her Graduation 17 Years Later

Firefighters are heroes that put their lives on the line every single day. They don’t just put out fires, they operate risky rescue missions, because they are dedicated to saving as many lives as possible. Firefighters don’t just save humans, they also save animals! Jake the pit bull was rescued by firemen and was later […]

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The Piano Guys Play The Peanuts Medley At Local Nursing Home

Life in a nursing homecan get a little stale day after day, which is why it’s essential that younger members of the community come into the facilities to give the seniors a breath of fresh air. The Piano Guys decided to give back to some local seniors bysurprising their favoriteaudience with an impromptu concert. The […]

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Woman Posts Her Pets On Craigslist, But Its Not What You Think

Believe it or not, a lot of people abandon their pets. Its unfortunate, but sadly, it is one of the many cold, hard realities of the world in which we live. Some people have even utilized the internet in their dastardly attempts to ditch their dogs, and this tactic is becoming a trend! Yup, you […]

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