Womans Sexy Selfie Goes Viral But For A Completely Different Reason Than She Intended

How keen is your eye? Are you able to spot what is wrong in a photo before anyone else can? Did you see the illusion with the phone on the carpet? One user uploaded a photo of a table on a carpet and you had to find where the phone was. Some people could find […]

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Dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it…

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Still no Pokemon at Palmer Station Antarctica but hey I got an egg that might literally kill me to hatch so I got that going for me.

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Giant Bear Has Brilliant Reaction When A Woman Waves To Him

Every once in a while, we see an animal doing something that suggests that they have a sense of humor. This 8second clip of a bear’s response to a woman waving from her car window is exactly that! Pure gold. It’s important to note that although bears look cute and cuddly, bear attacks do happen […]

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Hilarious Rescue Dog Drags Her Human Into The River

Dogs are well known for their silly attitudes and rambunctious natures, but the rescue puppy inthislittle video just might be the most excitable dog we’ve ever seen! Misty is a beautiful rescue dog who has finally found humans who love and respect her. Well, maybe her human isn’t loving her very much right now, because […]

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Honey Badger Outsmarts His Human And Even Breaks Into His House In Hilarious BBC Clip

I knew that honey badgers were smart, butthis is out of control. Meet Stoffel, the Houdini of honey badgers. Stoffel successfully escapes every enclosure his rescuers Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa attempt tobuild for him in the hilarious 4 minute clip. Because I’m sure the question will come up, I researched why Stoffel […]

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If I Could Talk: Short Film Imagines How Rescue Dogs Really Feel

You can’t plan to fall in love; Sometimeslife-changing relationships begin with a chance encounter. That’s what happens inIf I Could Talk. A man is jogging on a quiet country road when something catches his eye: A black plastic bagshaking in a shallow lake. Intrigued, theman scales an embankment and opens the bag. What – or, […]

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Cheating Husbands Karma Comes Back To Bite Him In The Behind!

There have been countless stories detailing how lying, cheating spouses get punished in the exact waythey deserve. Whether their partners eventually find out and exact revenge through humiliation, or boldly confront and talk sense into them, those who have committed wrongdoings always get what’s coming to them. We’ve heard of manyfunny stories before in which […]

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Mom Who Lost Her Son To Suicide Befriends The Man Who Received His Heart

At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Pewaukee in Wisconsin, two people are meeting on the dance floor who might have otherwise never known each other. But tragedy has a way of drawing people together, and through healing with the help of others, some of that pain can and does lessen with time. Janet Ramsey lost […]

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Tiny House Lovers Are Turning To Centuries-Old Methods To Build Cob Houses

There is no one right way to build a tiny house. Builders have used many different materials in the pursuit of the perfect small home. While some stick to tried and true techniques with drywall and concrete, others have opted for different types of wood or have even used hillsides. And with sustainable homes on […]

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