Senate votes to repeal labor protection laws that safeguarded poultry workers

Trump has vowed to sign bill to eliminate Obama-era mandate to disclose on-site injuries and fatalities, which occur at a high rate in chicken-processing industry The Trump administration and Senate Republicans rolled back labor protection laws on Monday in a pair of moves that labor advocates predict will chill complaints by vulnerable workers, especially in […]

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Iraqi forces push into deadliest areas of Mosul as civilian exodus accelerates

Troops said to be close to government buildings near old city, and aid agencies struggling to accomodate displaced people Nearly three weeks into the last phase of the battle for Mosul, Iraqi forces have started pushing into the most heavily fortified and lethal corners of the crumbling city. This weekend the battles in the city, […]

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Can I forgive the man who raped me?

Thordis Elva was raped aged 16. Years later, she emailed Tom Stranger, the man who raped her, beginning a raw, painful healing process documented in their book South of Forgiveness. In this extract, they meet to find a way forward Thordis Elvais from Iceland and known to Icelandersas a writer, playwright, journalist and public speaker. […]

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Saturday Night Live: Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump and those Russia connections

Kate McKinnon as the attorney general eats through a box of chocolates at a bus stop and a very special pie served by The Helps Octavia Spencer In so many ways Saturday Night Live is a tradition-based show it very rarely breaks format, mixes live and pre-taped elements, or toys with meta comedy. But this […]

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Nike accused of hindering Usadas Alberto Salazar doping investigation

Nike reportedly made unreasonable demands for confidentiality agreement before aiding Usadas investigation, but says it has handed over thousands of documents The sportswear giant Nike was accused of hindering a doping investigation into the elite training group run by Mo Farahs coach Alberto Salazar according to fresh revelations from a leaked United States Anti-Doping Agency […]

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Donald Trump isnt the only villain the Republican party shares the blame | Jonathan Freedland

The US presidents links to Russia reflect the depth of the political crisis. This is a scandal of the entire American right Whos the villainhere? Naturally our rage focuses onDonald Trump, a pantomime baddie drawn, as he would put it, from central casting. But behind him stand many others, and its about time they sharedin […]

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Rick Bayless: the celebrity chef who supports local farms

The PBS star is passionate about helping small organic farms near Chicago, his hometown Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/personal-investments/ng-interactive/2017/feb/28/rick-bayless-chef-farms-local-organic-foundation

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Americas millions of Mexicans without documents live in fear of deportation

Donald Trumps crackdown has been a terrifying bolt from the blue The queue starts outside the consulate gate soon after dawn and stretches up Park View street. The visitors speak in low murmurs, exchanging the latest rumours. A dragnet in Glendale. Checkpoints in Highland Park. People deported for jaywalking. For speaking Spanish. Some visitors say […]

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Erdoan accuses Germany of ‘Nazi practices’ over blocked political rallies

Turkish president campaigning for more powers says Germany is not respecting opinion and thought after stopping events The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, has lashed out at Germany for blocking several rallies on its soil in the run-up to a referendum in Turkey, likening its stance to Nazi practices. Your practices are not different from […]

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Trump golf resort and Scottish planners clash over the environment

US presidents Scotland development is under fire as it seeks to expand its boutique hotel and ditch its ecological monitoring group The Trump Organization is facing a new battle with Scottish planners and conservationists over the protection of rare dunes and wildlife at its Aberdeenshire golf resort. Trump International Golf Course Scotland has challenged a […]

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