Rocker Robb Nash Gets An Armful Of Tattoos For A Beautiful Cause

When Canadian musician Robb Nash was a teenager, he was in a terrible car accident that nearly cost him his life. As he grew up, Nashspent a lot of time experiencing bitterness over the injuries and the trauma of his experience. Then, he realized that he had been granted an amazing gift, a second chance […]

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10 Everyday Herbs And Spices To Help You Tap Into Your Own Psychic Strength

We all know that spices, herbs, and aromatics make just about any dish even more delicious. From savory to sweet to spicy, theseadditives come in little jars, but pack a powerful punch.People all over the world have valued spices, making the spice trade one of the most powerful, with some being valued more than gold […]

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Kids Give Up Their Field Trip In Order To Help Their Sick Classmates

Sometimes, the biggest acts of kindness can come in the smallest packages. When we see a 3-year-old donate her hair to kids with cancer,or a young boy paying for police officers’lunchto show appreciation, it’s a foolproof wayto make aheart happy and prove that some kids are truly being raised bygreat parents. In this case, it’s […]

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These Huge Ships Look Like Theyve Come Sailing Right Out Of The Past

For many people, going on a cruise is a great luxury. Modern cruise ships are outfitted with all kinds of activities for all ages. It’s like being in a giant floating resort. Actually, that’s what it is! But for some, it’s a littletoo much like being in a floating building. Some people want a little […]

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Two Blind Cat Brothers Have Battled The Odds Together

Sometimes stray animals travel in pairs, or even groups. Though they may be facing horrible odds out in the wild, animals will stay connected with one anothereven if traveling alone would be easier. Lost, abandoned, or abused pets have defied the odds with their friends, siblings, and even 10 newborn babies! But these two particular […]

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Justin Baldoni And Wife Share A Pregnancy Surprise Video With Everyone They Know

When you watch this video, you mightbe very confused at first, but if you skip to2:30, I think you’ll agree that this is worth the watch. Justin Baldoni is the star of a relatively new show called Jane the Virgin. At the end of the year, he decided to make a video thanking everyone for […]

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Family Lives In 168-Square-Foot House To Save Money

Like many hardworking folks, Karl and Harifell victim to the 2008. They had to close their restaurant in Florida, and with two young kids at home, the couple realized they had to majorly downsize. Three years later, Karl and Hari decided tomoveout of their three-bedroom house and opt for a much simpler set-up. Karl came […]

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Soccer Inspires Homeless Young Man To Reclaim His Life

A few years ago,Philip Jones was sorely losing alongtime battle againsthis inner demons. He was 22 years old and living on the streets of San Francisco, alone. He washomeless, doing more drugs than he was selling, and stealing whatever else his drug money couldn’t afford him. One day, amidst a drughaze, Jones heard Ben Anderson, […]

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Berry Pawpsicles: Perfect For The Cool Pooch In Your Life!

If you have a beloved pup in your life, you know how tough summertime can be on our four-legged friends. After all, the heat waves and muggy nights are tough on ordinary people, so just imagine how much worse it is for furry dogsthat dont know how to work the A/C! Fortunately, there are dozens […]

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Ice Cream Muffins Are The Perfect Four-Ingredient Dessert

Muffin lovers, rejoice! The secret to perfectly puffy, deliciousmuffins has finally been discovered, and baking fans don’t have to concoct a complicated batter in order to achieve them. They require only four ingredients, one of which you will be thrilled to keep stockedin your kitchen. Three of the ingredients are pretty standard: flour, baking powder, […]

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