Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict: A Delicious Way To Start Your Day

I like to think that Im an unbiased lover of all breakfast foods. Depending on the day and what Im craving, I could go for anything from a simple bowl of cold cereal to an elaborate confection like thisPia Colada French toast. Still, if Im being really honest with myself, theres one breakfast food I […]

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Cheeseburger Gnocchi Is The Perfect Way To Satisfy Your Cheesy Cravings

Gnocchi dishes are ideal for any taste because you can add almost any ingredient you like to them. Gnocchi are little, traditionally Italian, dumplings that are made with potato to create a unique taste and texture. Though it is totally fun and delicious to make it from scratch, it can also be bought prepackaged at […]

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These Monks Invented A Sinfully Spicy Hot Sauce Called Monk Sauce

Most people know a few basic facts about monks: they wear long robes, they dedicate their lives to their beliefs, and they do good works in their communities. But what do they do duringtheir off hours? What happens when they hang up their uniforms and take a break? They cook, of course! At least, thats […]

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These Colorful Pineapple Macarons Will Brighten Up Any Party

The summertime is known for adventures, pool parties, and outdoor fun. What better to accompany these ventures withthan colorfully delicious treats?! In this clip below, Rachel, from her YouTube channel KawaiiSweetWorld, creates pineapple macarons using a simple recipe and technique that will have you replicating this gem of dessert for all of your friends and […]

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This parenting malarkey is pretty easy…

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Friends forever

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Not all heroes wear capes

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MFW I remember there is no Game of thrones tomorrow night

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Shar-Pei Puppies Conquer Their Fear Of A Motorized Toy Pup

Pups are some of the most curious critters out there. They’re always exploring their world with a happy wagging tail and an insatiable desire to discoverevery nook and cranny. Every now and again, they’ll come across something that gives them quite thescare. That is, after all, how they learn what’s safe and what isn’t! Sometimes, […]

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Man Films His Grandma Every Time He Visits For A Year

At first, this particular story starts like any other home video: We meet an elderly woman, Shirley Hershkowitz, and her family as she goes about her seemingly normal day-to-day routine. Her daughter stops by to drop off groceries, they go on walks together, and they certainly dont mince words, as any tight-knit motherdaughter duo can […]

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