San Francisco Giants v New York Mets: NL wild-card game live!

The Mets have a shot at remaining in the postseason in a one-and-done wild-card game against the Giants. Follow it live with Bryan Armen Graham Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/live/2016/oct/05/san-francisco-giants-new-york-mets-nl-wildcard-game-live

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Duane Buck: supreme court poised to side with inmate in ‘racially tainted’ case

Conservative and liberal justices agreed that death row inmate is entitled to a new hearing but debate centered on whether to throw out sentence The supreme court is strongly indicating it will side with a black Texas prison inmate who argues improper testimony about his race tainted his death sentence. Conservative and liberal justices alike […]

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Twitter to conclude sale deliberations this month, sources say

The quick turnaround is the clearest sign yet that CEO Jack Dorsey is pushing to provide clarity to shareholders and employees over the companys future Twitter has told potential acquirers it is seeking to conclude negotiations about a sale by the time it reports third-quarter earnings on 27 October, according to people familiar with the […]

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Chechen leader criticised over televised children’s MMA fights

Ramzan Kadyrov posts Instagram footage of sons at unacceptable mixed martial arts tournament involving boys as young as eight The Moscow-backed leader of the Russian region of Chechnya, Fedor Emelianenko, called the fights unacceptable and dangerous in a statement on his Instagram page, and said the children risked permanent injury and psychological harm. What happened […]

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Chancellor to tell Wall Street that City will still be financial centre after Brexit

Philip Hammond will attempt to soothe concerns of US banks such as Goldman Sachs and Citi, which are major employers in UK Philip Hammond will attempt to reassure bankers on Wall Street on Thursday that he wants the City to be a leading financial centre after Brexit. The chancellor has slipped in a visit to […]

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Pigs saved in truck crash but survivors were still led to slaughterhouse

Forty pigs were killed in an accident in Burlington, Canada, while survivors roamed free before being recaptured right around the corner from meat plant It was a final and brief taste of freedom. Dozens of pigs escaped after a transport truck carrying around 180 pigs to a slaughterhouse in the Canadian city of Burlington lost […]

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Rod Temperton: the effortless orchestrator of the perfect pop illusion

The songwriter, who went from a Cleethorpes bedsit to writing Thriller for Michael Jackson, combined meticulous craft with a wide-eyed escapism which made his music irresistible Like so many people of my generation, I was a Michael Jacksons Off the Wall, his songs punctuated my earliest memories of Top of the Pops. The first was […]

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Rodrigo Duterte says Obama ‘can go to hell’ and considers breaking up with US

Philippine leader continues tirade against America for criticizing brutal anti-drug crackdown that has left more than 3,000 people dead in three months Philippine leader widespread extrajudicial killings by or at the behest of government authorities in the Philippines. The use of that kind of tactic is entirely inconsistent with universal human rights and the shared […]

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Yahoo may have let the government spy on emails. Now will we embrace encryption? | Trevor Timm

Not only would this likely violate the fourth amendment; giving the NSA or the FBI a backdoor into a tech companys innards could let hackers in too In a blockbuster scoop, Reuters Joseph Menn the courts later ruled illegal. But many people forget that the owned by AT&T and others. Since many email companies have […]

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Why Deepwater Horizon sank at the box office while Sully soared

The fact-based disaster dramas offered well-worn tropes but while Clint Eastwoods Hudson tale became a hit, the BP oil spill thriller has failed to land Built around a rousing tale of real-life heroism, Peter Bergs Deepwater Horizon seemed poised to follow Clint Eastwoods Sully as a box-office hit. After all, both come from directors who […]

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