Banana Cream Cookies: A Deliciously Dunkable Treat!

Picking out a sweet treat can be tricky sometimes. After all, there are so many delicious things out there perfect for snacking on! For example, when you want to sink your teeth into a home-baked treat, do you go for the classic chocolate chip cookie, or do you opt for something with a fruitier twist, […]

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Fried Chicken Rings Are A Tasty Take On Classic Appetizers

Most of the time, I try to be a healthy eater, getting plenty of whole grains and omega-3s whenever possible. Still, healthy isnt the be-all and end-all of my world. Sometimes in life, you just have to let go and live a little! Thats why Im also a big believer in occasionally ignoring the vitamins […]

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Garlic Cheese Bread Is A Perfect Appetizer For The Cheese Lovers In Your Life

I know I’m not alone in saying that a little bit of cheese can make any dish a whole lot better. As a self-proclaimed cheese fanatic, I put my favorite cheese (which happens to be Cheddar) on nearly everything I make from burgers, to salads, to an overloaded baked potato. But this latest recipe for […]

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Your Gelato Can Be Served With A Silly Face At This Barcelona Creamery

There is nothing better than enjoying dessert all to yourself unless of course, you’re enjoying dessert with a friend! But if you’re planning on eating alone, perhaps you should stroll on over to Eyescream and Friends, a creamery in Barcelona, Spain, where each dessert comes with a pair of sugar candy googly-eyes! They take real […]

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9 Things Women Who Dont Want Kids Are Tired Of Hearing

Seriously, people? Come on. Seems pretty selfish to not bring a child into the world who could one day be the manager of a Cold Stone Creamery. Youll never know the joy of lifting a car off of somebody. Wow, it sure must be nice having so much free time to visit Graceland and sit […]

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Youre A Self-Driving Car. Can You Become Sentient And Go Through A Drive-Thru?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Hello. Welcome to life. You were born in this factory with all your self-driving brothers. Daddy is beautiful, intelligent, and strong. That is why you think of him kissing you often. You miss Daddy. Lets go to work, says Owner. Obey. Lets go get coffee, says Owner. Obey. Obey. […]

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Find Out What Larry Page, Serena Williams, And Daddy Yankee Have To Say

Ever wonder whats on the mind of todays most notable people? Well, dont miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day: “Half of success is just showing up. The other half is being better than 7 billion other people.” —Serena Williams On success

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No Way! A Conga Line Of Just Bennys? And Whos The Caboose?

It is as beautiful as you can imagine: a conga line of just Bennys! But who will be the special guest who will become the caboose? Only the one who watches deep upon this video will discover the event! The treasures all await you in the motion clip below! Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/video/no-way-conga-line-just-bennys-and-whos-caboose-4411

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Equality FTW: Another Panel Is Being Added To All 23,000 Beetle Bailey Comic Strips Where Beetle Proudly Announces Hes Bisexual

Its time to celebrate, because the long-running comic strip Beetle Bailey has joined the fight for LGBT equality in a major way. The strips publisher, King Features Syndicate, has just announced the addition of an extra panel to every existing Beetle Bailey comicgoing all the way back to the series beginning in 1950in which Beetle […]

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A 3D Printer Can Now Make Delicious Pizza In Minutes Flat

Pizza is one of my most absolute favorite food items. It’s doughy and cheesy and, as an Italian, it’s a sin NOT to love it! I love the old-school pizzerias that have the man behind the counter, kneading the dough and spinning it on his hands to create the pizza shape. But what if there […]

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