Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Best Writing Tips

Every good movie starts with a great script. If you dream about seeing your vision on the silver screen, take a page from these acclaimed screenwriters. 1. Quentin Tarantino There are no 100 percent original ideas left, and youve got to learn how to steal from the best. Inspiration is just another word for theft,


Beautiful Tribute: Man Places A Bag Of Apples At His Bosss Friends Grave

Ready for something truly moving? With one stunning gesture, this thoughtful man truly went above and beyond: He laid down a fresh bag of apples at the grave of a friend of his boss. Share this with someone who will understand how powerful it is! Read more: http://www.clickhole.com/video/beautiful-tribute-man-places-bag-apples-his-bosss–4370


Man Loses 140 Pounds And Devotes Himself To Helping Others Get Fit

During high school, Danny Malbey’s classmates loved making jokes at his expense. The Click Instagram / danny_getsfit From a young age, Danny Malbey fell victim to constant bullying. Weighing in at 312 pounds during his high school years, this young man had no real awareness of good nutritional practices. Heeven developed sleep apnea due to