California attorney general pursues new pimping charges against Backpage site

The fresh charges, which attorney general Kamala Harris says are based on new evidence, come after an earlier case against the website was thrown out California attorney general Kamala Harris said on Friday she was pursuing new pimping charges against the operators of Backpage.com a website which advertises escort services and which she said operated […]

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Lockheed-Martin stock takes second hit from Trump’s Twitter blitz on F-35 costs

Shares in the defense company neared their lowest level since the election as the president-elect continues to air his gripes about price of the F-35 fighter jet Lockheed-Martin led defense stocks lower on Friday, after President-elect Donald Trumps latest Twitter salvo over the cost of the companys F-35 fighter jet, in which a Trump tweet […]

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World-renowned cellist Heinrich Schiff dies in Vienna

The 65-year-old, who turned to conducting in later life after health problems, has been called a master by his fellow musicians The Austrian cellist Heinrich Schiff, who performed with some of the worlds major orchestras before health problems led him to turn to conducting, has died at the age of 65. Ludwig Mller, of the […]

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Donnie Darko review pop classic of paranoia matures with age

Richard Kellys rereleased tale of suburban angst, starring a tremendous Jake Gyllenhaal, is a captivating triumph In 2001, 27-year-old writer-director Richard Kelly created a pop classic of American suburban paranoia in Donnie Darko, now on rerelease a movie with something of Twin Peaks, Harvey. This film made the first time around, perhaps because we were […]

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Trump calls on US to ‘greatly strengthen and expand’ nuclear weapons capability

The president-elects Twitter comments came the same day that Vladimir Putin said Russia needs to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces US President-elect Donald Trump called on Thursday for a strengthening of Americas nuclear weapons programme, throwing into doubt longstanding efforts to reduce its arsenal. On Thursday, Putin addressed Russias nuclear capacity. We […]

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Uber packs up failed self-driving car trial in California and moves to Arizona

Company is taking its fleet of self-driving cars to Phoenix at the governors invitation, after California regulators struck down the unauthorized trial One week after launching its self-driving pilot program in its home town of San Francisco, Uber is packing up its failed trial and taking its fleet of autonomous vehicles to Phoenix, Arizona. Our […]

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The Grand Tour, week 6: have you drifted a Ford lately?

Its a blue oval bash starring a Ford Mustang that burns out, a Focus RS that drifts and two of the most valuable racecars in the world Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/tour-tracker/ng-interactive/2016/dec/22/grand-lapland-drift-ford-mustang-ferrari-iceman

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Ebola vaccine is safe and effective, scientists declare after trials

Final results from research conducted during the recent epidemic in west Africa indicate the drug will drastically reduce the severity of further outbreaks A vaccine for Ebola which has completed successful trials in Guinea and Sierra Leone means the virus should never again be able to wreak the havoc it did during the in the […]

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Five in custody over alleged Melbourne Christmas terrorism plot

Victoria police commissioner says alleged plot included the use of explosives in attacks on Federation Square, Flinders Street Station and St Pauls cathedral Victoria police say they have foiled an alleged plot by terrorists to attack landmark locations in Melbournes CBD including St Pauls Cathedral, Flinders Street station and Federation Square with explosives and other […]

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Half of adult women in Brazil put off pregnancy by Zika virus survey

Fifty-six per cent of women of reproductive age taking part in research say they are avoiding pregnancy over health concerns More than half of adult women of reproductive age in Brazil have actively tried to avoid pregnancy because of the Zika virus epidemic, according to a survey carried out there. Brazil has confirmed far more […]

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