The Introverts Nine Circles Of Hell

Abandon all hope, ye introverts who enter here Circle 1: Networking In this circle the introvert souls writhe and groan as they are forced to shake hands, drink coffee out of urns, and listen to people talk about being disruptors. They howl in wretchedness and engage in small talk while dressed in smart casual attire.


I Run A Health And Fitness Company And Im A Fraud

I need to come clean.I have something to confess. I am a fraud. My name is Sarah Gaines and I am the founder of Fit University, a college students go-to source for all things health & fitness. Wepreach moderation, self-love and enjoyment through fitness and aim to teach college students that fitness is not a


Goodbye Doesnt Scare Me Anymore

Goodbye doesnt scare me anymore. Goodbye makes me look forward to whats next, to a new startand to the next chapter Ill start by myself. Goodbye taught me that people dont always stay and the things that belonged to you today can belong to someone else tomorrow. Goodbye taught me that nothing is guaranteed and