Male or female? Instagram nipple account challenges sexist standards

Instagram bans female nipples, but closeup images make it difficult if not impossible to tell whether they are male or female An Instagram account depicting nipples in extreme closeup aims to topple sexist double standards in censorship on social media. Genderless Nipples #FreeTheNipple campaign ongoing since 2012. The posted the account. The Guardian has contacted


How to make the perfect lemon curd

Bring a golden glow to January with a Victorian classic, and, no matter if youre looking to be eased into the day or hit with a full-on acid trip, theres a variation for you A ray of sunshine in one of the darkest months of the year, lighter and zingier than marmalade (and considerably quicker


Obama's dilemma on Chelsea Manning

(CNN)It must have stuck in President Barack Obama’s craw to deliver a win for WikiLeaks. But that is effectively what he had to do to commute the 35 year sentence of Pvt. Chelsea Manning, who was convicted of committing one of the biggest and most embarrassing leaks of classified information in US history. The move