Vegan Influencer Caught Eating Fish Fails Miserably At Making Excuses

Nothing gets us going like a popular vegan influencer getting caught up in the middle of exploiting the very people claims to represent. And the downward spiral from there is nothing less than a fiery disaster. Yovana you done messed up real bad.  1 2 4 6

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7 Stupidly Simple Things You Should Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

Holly Riordan Updated April 16, 2019 By Ani Kolleshi 1. Take as many pictures as possible. This (hopefully!) is only going to happen once in your life. That means you should snap as many pictures as possible in order to capture the moment. You’re going to want to use these photos to announce your engagement […]

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7 Real-Life Hauntings That Make Hill House Look Like Fucking Disneyland

Sarah Dowell Updated April 16, 2019 By Gabriel on Netflix was a chilling tale of a family that was haunted – by themselves. Many people found the show to be terrifying. There are a lot of hauntings that have taken place in the real world that make look like nothing. 1. ParanormalPat/YouTube The Villisca Axe […]

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Lily Tomlin On ‘9 To 5’ Sequel: ‘We Hope That We Live To See It’

Tomlin popped by “ Along with Dolly Parton, Fonda and Tomlin have been part of the talk about  “They’re writing it at the moment,” Tomlin told DeGeneres of the film, which reportedly aims to reflect women’s issues in the modern workforce. “We hope that we live to see it. We’re very advanced in years. I said to [Fonda] the […]

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Fox Nation’s ‘Deep Dive’ takes a look at media malpractice in the age of Trump

The episode, hosted by the Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman, also featured The Hill’s media reporter Joe Concha and RealClearPolitics’ Tom Bevan. “They thought Donald Trump was such an abomination that there was no way the American people would vote for him and the American people thought the same thing of Hillary Clinton and they try […]

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Bride’s Friend Makes Insane List Of Rules For Bachelorette Party

Oof. This is not the bachelorette party that you ever want to find yourself attending. Sounds like a bit of a nightmare! If you want some more wedding drama, we recommend checking out the time a Bridezilla’s crazy wedding guest requirements got a ceremonial roasting.  1 3 Read more: https://cheezburger.com/8180997/brides-friend-makes-insane-list-of-rules-for-bachelorette-party

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Has God Answered Your E-mail?

´╗┐Has God Answered Your E-mail? You know the one I am talking about, the one where you stripped away your inhibitions and used your imagination to compose a prayer in the form of an imaginary e-mail to God. Has he answered you yet? Are you listening for his words of wisdom? Please, what ever you […]

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Pete Davidson returns to Instagram months after sharing cryptic post

Davidson, 25, shared three images — two of which were blank, and one of a brief animation that appears to show Davidson as a child. The caption on the last post listed three dates and locations of where he will perform alongside fellow comedian John Mulaney for their comedy tour. That said, the account doesn’t appear to […]

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The Latest: Power pole falls, hit 2 vehicles in Louisiana

A utility pole has fall and hit two vehicles as stormy weather moved into the New Orleans area. WVUE-TV reports that the pole fell just before 2 p.m. Thursday during windy weather in the suburb of Harvey. That knocked out power to about 1,500 customers in the area for much of the afternoon. Two minor […]

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Shamima Begum set to be granted legal aid

Legal aid is financial assistance provided by the taxpayer to those unable to afford legal representation themselves, whether they are accused of a crime or a victim who seeks the help of a lawyer through the court process. It is means-tested and availability has been cut back significantly in recent years in England and Wales. […]

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