Turns out almost everyone loved that ‘controversial’ Gillette ad about toxic masculinity.

(Ad photo via Procter & Gamble Co.) The social media outrage index isn’t a very accurate way judging how everyday Americans feel about events in the news. Social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, are great places for the most closed-minded, opinionated, thin-skinned, and angriest among us to vent their frustrations. But, while those people […]

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Radio host hit in face in ‘racist attack’

No arrests have been made and an investigation has been launched, the force added. Image Copyright @MaajidNawaz @MaajidNawaz Report Report Mr Nawaz is the founder of the Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism organisation. Finding the hero who saved me from a racist mob In September, he said he had tracked down an anonymous “hero” who was […]

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Super Bowl champ: I’ve won AND lost the big game Here’s the incredible thing I learned

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That Morning I Thought the Kids Died

ShareTweetPinterest I was almost to work, turning down a residential street when I smelled a strange odor. You know how smells can invoke certain memories or thoughts? Well, this smell coupled with people that I saw standing outside an apartment complex brought to my mind a recent, local news story. A housing complex had been […]

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No-deal Brexit could see ops cancelled’

Brexit: MPs back May’s bid to change deal Is the NHS already finding it hard to get medicines? Pharmacists warn of a ‘surge’ in shortage of common medicines Six key questions Brexit poses for the NHS Dr Rosser, chief executive officer of the Birmingham trust, made the warning in a paper presented to the trust’s […]

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Draft Beto grassroots effort urges Texas Democrat to jump into presidential race

Draft Beto supporter Ben Martel talks with fellow O’Rourke enthusiasts at the organizing event in Manchester, N.H. (Rob DiRienzo/Fox News) Despite his defeat, O’Rourke’s campaign was able to raise a near-record $78 million. His supporters hope that success continues its momentum into the Democratic primary season and ultimately, against President Donald Trump. BETO O’ROURKE TO MEET […]

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Matthew McConaughey Can’t Recall Full-Frontal Nudity But Has Jokes About It

Matthew McConaughey claimed to have no recollection of his reported “The Late Show” host Colbert, assured by his researcher that the actor bares all in the film, urged McConaughey to watch the movie carefully. “Will that be the first time you find out whether you’re cut?” the host asked. “Speaking of bourbons, now we’ll know […]

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The Lost Tomb Of Antony And Cleopatra Might Soon Be Found

A number of media outlets have been making claims about the discovery of Antony and Cleopatra’s tomb during a recent project at Taposiris Magna, Egypt. Unfortunately, it looks like many of these headlines are a bit overstated. The tomb of the infamous lovers has not yet been found – although that could soon change.  Dr Zahi Hawass, an archaeologist […]

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UPDATED: This College Student Found A Strange Man Hiding In Her Closet Betches

When I think of my college living arrangements, there are a few things I miss (not paying rent, being a 10-minute walk from everything I ever needed), and a few things I don’t miss (campus security stealing my bong, mostly). Of course, some people have legitimately traumatic experiences with campus living, and I’m not even […]

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Former BuzzFeed Employee Spilled The Tea On Getting Fired

In case your creative writing major friends haven’t been talking about it nonstop, a lot of sh*t has been going down in the online publishing world. On Friday, January 25, BuzzFeed laid off “seven members of the national desk, the six-person national security team and the two journalists covering health. All but two members of […]

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